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Spring Junior Olympic 2021 Champions


MACM Results of Spring 2021 Junior Olympics 


Great performance by the 14 & under swimmers this past weekend. This is the first championship for Metro Aquatic Club of Miami in 17 years. A huge thank you to the parents and coaches for their care and support of our athletes. Below are a few highlights from the meet, there are many more not mentioned. Everyone contributed to the success of the team, amazing team effort was displayed.  



The meet started off with some amazing distance swims on Thursday afternoon. Alicia Salazar placed 2nd in the 10 & under 500 free with a time of 6:07.01. Isabel Viera took the gold in the 11-12 400 IM with a time of 4:47.11. Meanwhile the boys swimming in the other pool, took home the gold, silver, and bronze in the 13-14 Mile. 1st place was Alessandro Pereira (16:33.39), 2nd place Julian Lezcano (17:16.64), and 3rd place Dylan Ferguson (17.17.50). Lucas Fernandez-Chung left Thursday night with two gold medals in the 11-12 Mile (17:43.56) and the 11-12 400IM (4:47.35). Finishing up the night with the boys 13-14 400 IM, Alessandro Pereira placed 3rd (4:17.98). 


Friday finals approached with the team winning some more medals, after a competitive prelim swims. 10 & under 200 IM our Alicia Salazar placed 3rd with a time of 2:39.74. Alejandro Ruiz placed 2nd in the 10 & under 200 IM with a time of 2:35.05 and 100 back with a time of 1:12.01. Moving on to the 11-12 200IM, Sofia Jorge (2:12.78) and Isabel Viera (2:13.06) took the gold and silver home. In the boys 11-12 200 IM, Lucas Fernandez-Chung (2:12.64) places 1st place once again! Anthony Pineiro placed 2nd with a time of 1:58.14 in the 200 backstroke. In the 11-12 50 freestyle, Sofia Jorge places 1st place with a time of 24.31. In the 11-12 100 breaststroke Isabel takes home the silver with a time of 1:09.06. 13-14 500 free, Alessandro Pereiro places 3rd place with a time of 4:51.18. Friday final finished with the 200 free relays. Our 10 & under girl relay (Alma Cancio Jorge, Jenica Ramos, Camila Correa, & Alicia Salazar) placed 1st with a time of 1:59.98. The girls 11-12 relay (Sofia Jorge, Carolina Seoane, Andrea & Isabel Viera) placed gold with a time of 1:46.72. 


Saturday finals came quickly. Sofia Jorge placed 1st in the 11-12 100 freestyle with a great time of 52.97. In the boys 13-14 200 fly, Alessandro Pereiro placed 1st (2:01.14) and Anthony Pineiro 2nd place with a time of 2:03.21. Sofia Jorge takes the gold in the 11-12 50 fly with a time of 25.58. Anthony Pineiro takes bronze in the 13-14 100 back with a time of 55.86. Isabel Viera takes home the silver in the 50 breast with a time of 31.99. Night was finished off by 200 medley relays. 10 & under girls relay (Alicia Salazar, Alma Cancio Jorge, Alejandra Perez, Camila Correa) places 2nd with a time of 2:19.43. Our boys 13-14 relay (Anthony Pineiro, George Gonzalez, Alessandro Pereira, Carlos Flores) placed 2nd as well with a time of 1:42.78. Last event of the night was the Girls 11-12 relay (Carolina Seoane, Isabel Viera, Sofia Jorge, Andrea Viera) taking home the gold with a time of 1:57.63.



Last day of the meet, MAC was in the lead by 7 points. Sunday’s finals helped us win Junior Olympics by 60 points. Sofia Jorge and Isabel Viera placed 1st (1.00.66) and 2nd (1.02.37) in the 11-12 100 IM. In the 13-14 200 breast George Gonzalez wins silver with a time of 2:11.70, and Alessandro Pereira 3rd with a time of 2:12.98. In the boys 11-12 50 back Lucas Fernandez-Chung takes 1st place with a time of 28.27. In 10 under 50 back, Alejandro Ruiz wins the silver (33.47). George Gonzalez takes bronze in the 100 free with a time of 48.75. Sofia Jorge places 1st in the 200 free with a time 1:58.67. In the 10 & under girls, Alicia Salazar places 3rd in the 200 free (2:18.96). Sahara Idler places 3rd place in 13-14 100 fly with a 58.60. Sofia Jorge places 1stin the 11-12 100 fly with a time of 57.35. In the boys 11-12 100 fly, Lucas Fernandez-Chung places 1st with a time of 58.57. The meet finished with the mixed medley relays. 11-12 mixed relay (Lucas Fernandez-Chung, Isabel Viera, Sofia Jorge, & Nicholas Kokidko) placed 2nd with a time of 1:52.86. Last event of the meet was won by our 10 & under mixed relay (Alejandro Ruiz, Alma Cancio Jorge, Alicia Salazar, & Matthew Meneses) with a time of 2:14.48. 



Individual High points 

  • Sofia Jorge 1st place 
  • Isabel Viera 3rd place 
  • Lucas Fernandez-Chung 1st place 


Age group High Points 

  • 10 & under girls 2nd place 
  • 11-12 girls 1st place 
  • 13-14 boys 1st place




  • Metro Aquatic Club 1st place (717)


Overall an amazing meet was swum by the 14 & under swimmers. This win puts us in a great position for the upcoming long course Junior Olympics. Go MACM!