Hi everyone,

Here's an important update on the problems at TVRC that's been developing this week. Please read throroughly.

What Happened?

At Monday Night’s practices, the fire alarm at TVRC sounded and we were forced to evacuate the building while the fire company came to assess the cause. Our coaches kept our swimmers moving outside in the lot with a little light dryland until we got our swimmers back into their parents’ cars. 

Over the following three days, TVRC and local fire officials diagnosed the problem. A major component of the pool heating system had corroded releasing carbon monoxide into the air in the filter room. The facility’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors did their job, everyone left the building without incident, and the fire marshall closed the facility. 

We were recently notified by TVRC that due to the extensive nature of the needed repairs and the subsequent building inspections to be able to reopen, TVRC will be closed for a period of time to remediate the situation. 

Where Does That Leave Us?

Short-term: There are no practices/lessons until further notice. We are in the process of trying to acquire pool time at other facilities and plan our way forward while we wait for a specific timeline from TVRC. We ask for your patience as we work towards getting our kids back in the water, and hope to provide an update by Tuesday 3/23. 

Long-Term: We feel confident that we will be back training in earnest in no time. NJ Swimming has recently begun sanctioning meets, and we are chomping-at-the-bit to begin competing again. We are expecting a robust Spring/Summer season ahead and will release info as soon as we can.


Our club has faced many challenges this past year and thrived where other clubs could not. We are grateful to our coaches, swimmers, and families for their ongoing patience, understanding, and support. Better days are coming...