Registration Opens Tomorrow!!




Swim Team and Mini Whomper registration is set to open tomorrow, Saturday 3/20 for both new and returning members!  Click here to access the registration link on our team site. We can’t wait to see all of our Highland Swim Team swimmers back in the water in just a few months.  

Team suits and other Whomping Turtle gear can be purchased in the Team Store until April 20.  For
information on team suit fit and equipment needed this season, see the FAQs page. (Note that each swimmer
will need a kickboard this season). Also, for our 13 and older swimmers we will be offering a dark green JOLYN suit with our team logo.  A separate Jolynteam store link will be emailed to all 13 and over families with suit

While the FAQs on the team site answer a number of questions about a typical season, we know that this season will run a bit differently again and that many of you likely have questions. While there are still some unknowns, we do know that morning practices and Saturday “A” meets will happen.  We will finalize our practice schedule and assign kids to morning practice groups once registration closes. Morning practices tentatively will take place between the hours of 8:30-11:40am starting on June 14th. As of now, the schedule will likely follow the typical morning practice flow, with the oldest kids practicing in the first time slot, followed by the 9 & 10 year olds, and 8 & unders practicing after 10:30am.  We are coordinating with the tennis program to ensure that the swim / tennis combo program will be available to those who want to participate.  We will finalize practice times and groups once we have a firm count of swimmers in each age category.  Due to COVID 19, we have to limit the number of swimmers in each lane at practice.

We are in discussions with the Highland’s Board regarding pre-season after school practices (aiming to start May 24), afternoon practice options during regular season, Monday evening “B” meets, and other swim team
activities.  As noted in our previous email, the NVSL is still evaluating Divisionals, Divisional Relay Carnival, All Star Relays, and Individual All Stars. We will update you once we have more information. We thank all of you
for your patience as we work to make this upcoming summer as close to a “normal” summer season as possible while navigating the pandemic-related limitations.

Please contact us:  [email protected] and  [email protected]  with any questions you may have.

Get ready to WHOMP!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Your Team Reps,

Cheryl Farley & Gillian Russell