Summer 2021: Season Plan & Updated COVID-19 Policies
Fellow Members of Michigan Swimming,
As promised in my e-mail on Friday, I am pleased to share a Summer 2021 season update. The Summer 2021 season has been designed to help the LSC gradually return to standard operating procedures while still providing required flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Kind regards,
Joe Gazzarato
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Michigan Swimming, Inc.
General Season Information
  • There will be no specific course preference this Summer. Instead, the goal is to have clubs host as many competitions as possible in any format possible, giving our athletes as many opportunities to compete as we can.
  • There will be no formal bid process. Any team wishing to host a sanctioned or approved competition may do so, provided they comply with the timelines established in the updated COVID-19 sanctioning and approval policy.
  • New officials' training efforts have been developed by the Officials' Committee and will be rolled out shortly, rapidly increasing the number of certified officials. If you need immediate assistance locating officials for your competition, or if you know of individuals interested in becoming a certified official, please contact Cynda Avery ([email protected]) directly.
  • Barring any drastic change in circumstance and provided hosts are secured, season-ending championship events will be offered in-person in late July or early August.
Updated COVID-19 Sanctioning and Approval Policy
At its March 15, 2021 meeting, the Michigan Swimming, Inc. Board of Directors adopted an updated Temporary COVID-19 Sanctioning and Approval Requirements policy. The current version is available here.
Key policy updates include:
  • Added provisions for open invitational competitions
  • Added a tiered open invitation competition host financial incentive program if certain conditions are met and the intention to participate in the program is explicitly declared to the Michigan Swimming Office at the sanction or approval is sought
  • Removed requirement to pre-seed competitions
  • Revised required pre-meet activities timelines, including timelines for entry open and close dates based on competition type
  • Added posting of all pre- and post-meet files to the Michigan Swimming website
  • Added e-mail distribution of all open invitational competition details to all club entry coordinators
  • Added provisions to sunset special provisions for intrasquad and virtual competitions after the Summer season in preparation for return to standard operating procedures in September 2021
Revised meet information packet templates and supplemental sanction document templates are available on the COVID-19 sanction process page.
Michigan Swimming kindly requests that all clubs seeking sanction or approval for competition adhere to the timelines set forth in the updated policy document. As the Michigan Swimming Office processes more sanction and approval requests, pre- and post-meet recons, and results files, the more important these timelines become to ensure our operations function efficiently.
Season-Ending Championship Events
At its March 15, 2021 meeting, the Michigan Swimming, Inc. Board of Directors affirmed its commitment to hosting in-person season-ending championship events, barring any unforeseen change in circumstance.
To assist in determining which clubs are willing and able to host events in various formats, Michigan Swimming requests that all clubs complete a hosting interest survey no later than Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 11:45pm ET. The survey was sent directly to club presidents and head coaches.
This survey is exploratory in nature and does not create a formal obligation between a club member and Michigan Swimming. However, Michigan Swimming will rely on this interest survey when approaching potential event hosts once final formats have been determined.
Michigan Swimming will evaluate the survey results and determine final championship event formats by early to mid-April. Michigan Swimming will balance clubs' traditional season-ending competition needs with the desire to provide as many athletes as possible an opportunity to participate in a championship event.
Recent MDHHS Epidemic Order
While clubs and individual members are solely responsible for interpreting MDHHS epidemic orders and implementing any required operational procedures to ensure full compliance, Michigan Swimming also recognizes that it is in a unique position to seek government assistance on behalf of its members.
Michigan Swimming has reached out to several senior policy advisers in Governor Whitmer's administration and at MDHHS regarding the new epidemic order that requires weekly COVID-19 testing for individuals ages 13 to 19 participating in organized sport practice or competition.
Michigan Swimming has asked MDHHS if it would partner to provide free COVID-19 antigen tests to club members for the purpose of complying with the new MDHHS epidemic order and keeping our young athletes in the water. Given the recent announcement of the requirement, there is no definitive response from the department at this time.
Club members should continue using their best judgement when planning any necessary modifications to operational procedures to comply with the new MDHHS epidemic order. If MDHHS does agree to provide assistance, Michigan Swimming will provide an update right away so clubs can adjust accordingly.
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