Summer Swim Team



We are looking for the following volunteer positions.  Help us make the upcoming summer season a fantastic experience for all of our swimmers and Manta Ray Community.

  • Parent Representative
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Officials for swim meets

You will find more information under the About the Team Tab.

Summer Swim team registration begins in April

Deadline for registration is 5/21

Questions: Contact Helen Brown [email protected]

15 and Older Swimmers:  7am-8am M-W-F

$135.00member/185.00 non-member

13-14 age group Swimmers:  8am-9am M-W-F

$135.00member/185.00 non-member

11-12 Age Group Swimmers: 7am-8am TU-TH 

$120.00member/170.00 non-member

 9-10 Age Group Swimmers: 8am-9am TU-TH 

$120.00member/170.00 non-member

8 and Under Swimmers:  9:00am-9:45am   Tu-Th

$120.00member/170.00 non-member