Hello Sharks!


A huge thank you to those members who have paid their dues!  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to opening our pool this summer.  Please pay your dues by Thursday 4/1 to avoid late charges.  As you are aware, King County is currently in Phase 3 for re-opening.  The NPSC Board met on March 25 th to decipher the guidelines and begin making plans for a safe opening.  This Sharkbyte will hopefully help inform you of our plans to date, however we are early in the planning stages and these plans are subject to change at any time.  These plans could change based upon lack of membership support, compliance, or adherence of these guidelines as well as governmental phase restrictions throughout the coming months.  We ask you for your continued patience and support as we determine how to put together the best scenario to open the pool to our membership.

Pool opening date is May 15th 12:00pm.  The open hours/schedule will be similar to 2019 with guidance around how to use the pool.  More details around this will be communicated prior to opening day.


When we open, we will not require reservations initially.  If social distancing requirements are not maintained and safety guidelines are not followed by the membership, we will need to pull back and start a reservation system.  On predictable hot summer days, we may need to implement a reservation system to meet the demand while maintaining required social distancing.  If we end up with an unplanned warm day, please be prepared that you may not receive entry to the pool due to capacity issues.  We will do our best to manage and communicate this throughout the summer.



  • We will offer summer swim team
  • We will offer summer dive team
  • We will offer swim lessons



Meeting and planning is underway to determine how swim team, dive team and swim lessons will be structured.  More details will be communicated prior to the pool opening date.

The wader pool and baby pool will be very limited to capacity, like 2 or 3 at any one time.  Will need to determine if a reservation system is needed.  We will communicate the specifics close to opening day.

There will be general capacity guidelines for the entire facility.  We will continue to work through the capacity guidelines published by the department of health and will post the capacity for each area throughout the pool prior to opening day.  Please be conscientious of this information and respectful of the rules.  We don’t want to have to shut the pool down or further restrict the usage due to non-compliance.  We could have a health inspector at the pool at any time and if we receive any violations, we could receive fines or be shut down.  To help our membership get the most out of the pool, we will open to membership only.  This means no guests.  We will re-evaluate this throughout the summer.  In order to maintain social distancing we will also not allow any private rentals/events.

All Memberships will be required to follow all social distancing requirements and safety guidelines at all times.  Lifeguards and staff will not be required to enforce social distancing guidelines, as their responsibility at the pool is to keep swimmers safe in the water and keep the operations of the building safe while onsite.

Members will be required to clean/disinfect all surfaces (tables, chairs, etc) they use during their time at the pool.  Sanitizing products will be available, but lifeguards and staff will not be required to enforce cleaning between guests. 

The office will sell single serve snacks, ice cream, popsicles and other sundries for the kiddos to spend their hard-earned money on all summer long.

Here’s all the fun stuff you’ll be able to do this summer as long as social distancing is maintained: 



  • Sunbathing
  • Dining (no BBQs or Cabanas, pack in your dinner or bring take out to the pool!)
  • Social Swimming
  • Lap Swim
  • Play on the playground
  • Climb the big rock


Tables for general seating and picnicking will be spread out on decks and throughout the grounds, including on the pickleball and basketball courts. This is to help maintain social distancing.  Please do not relocate tables or chairs and please do not combine tables for large group gatherings.  We will not be able to use the pickleball or basketball court initially due to the inability to social distance while playing. 

Masks will need to be worn on the premises at all times if not swimming, at your table or sunbathing.  When walking around the facility your masks must be worn.

Those that have been vaccinated will still need to adhere to all of our social distancing and mask wearing rules.

Upon entry, all members will be required to respond to a series of health questions, acknowledge the rules and agree to compliance.

We are very excited to get the pool open and have some summer fun!

As always, if you have questions, you can find all board member contact information on our website.


Thank you,


NPSC Board