UPDATE: Spring Group Signups

Howdy, y'all,

Sign ups for preferred swim days will now occur at 12:00pm on Thursday, April 1st.  This will be done via sign-up genius; the link is below but it will not go live until Thursday, April 1st at noon (stop me if I’m repeating myself).  As a reminder, we will allow four swimmers per lane for a total of 20 swimmers per session.  This allows for up to 40 swimmers per age group (20 for M/W/F and 20 for T/Th/Sa). 

When the sign up goes live, you will see spots for 30 swimmers for each group; please sign up for your preference.  Write the swimmer’s name and make sure you sign up each of your swimmers.  The first 20 swimmers in each group will be guaranteed a spot in that group (assuming they are signed up for swim team and the pool) and the last 10 will be on the wait list for that group, but in any case will be guaranteed a spot in one of the groups (disclaimer, if we have way too many people in an age group, we'll have to make some adjustments somewhere, but we'll fit you in).  We will let you know ASAP what group you are in. 

As a reminder, sign ups will occur 12:00pm (seahorse time for those who may ask) on Thursday, April 1st, not midnight Friday (hmmm….this sounds familiar).

Spring Group SIgnups

Also, just some general rules, again as a reminder (similar to last year):

  • Groups will be by age, with family members being together wherever possible. 
  • Approximately four swimmers in each lane. 
  • Swimmers will be assigned numbers, belongings will be left in the marked area for that group session.
  • Swimmers will wait outside the gate until called into the pool.
  • Parents will wait outside the gate.  Safe tailgating is allowed.  However, we reserve the right to start allowing people in if we like them (and it’s safe). 
  • Swimmers stay at their marked number until called by their Coach and will enter the pool accordingly on even or odd sides of the pool.
  • Swimmers swim and stay in assigned lanes.
  • Swimmers will be excused from the pool accordingly to dry off, retrieve belongings, and exit the pool by the side gate.
  • Masks are required by all swimmers. They will wear them any time they are out of the water. Swimmers will not be permitted to enter without a mask.

Any questions, please send to [email protected]