Teaching Tuesday: Ways to Help Your Child Become a Better Leader

Earlier this month, we held our 2nd annual Georgia Summit for our high school athletes to help teach them valuable leadership skills and ways to embrace their own leadership styles. Parents can continue to be a huge help in this process outside of our yearly workshop as well. 

Ways you can help your child become a better leader and teammate:

  • Show them the positives of difficult situations as much as possible
  • Teach them to enjoy the journey and the process of getting better
  • Teach them that making mistakes and failing is a part of the journey, so these incidents are learning opportunities, but they should be sure to take responsibility for these actions
  • Show them that character matters, so treating everyone with kindness and understanding is so important
  • Encourage them to step outside their normal friend group if they can at practices 
  • Lead by example in your own home

There are many ways that parents can make an impact on their children's leadership skills, so this is not an exhaustive list by any means. We appreciate all of our Georgia LSC parents and their dedication to raising strong leaders in our sport. 


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