2021 Open Water Zones Team Announced

2021 Open Water Zones Team

June 4-6 - Chattanooga, TN

Congrats to the athletes below for being selected to the 2021 Open Water Zones Team! You will be receiving more detailed information this week regarding the trip and events. If for any reason you are unable to attend, please contact Coach Tracey ([email protected]) as soon as possible so that another athlete can be selected for the team.


11/12 Girls   11/12 Boy
Ruby Rose Teeters   Ben Liang
Isabel Boldrick    
13/14 Girls   13/14 Boys
Carly Mauldin   Justin Shi
Parker Mandacina   Patrick Maldonado
Cloe Nader   Casey Lowenborg
Alexander Dunn   Tristan McCain
15/16 Girls   15/16 Boys
Kaylee Wu   Cooper Hardy
Melaina Howard   Aiyden Schweizer
Adrianna Klaas   Elias Ward
Anna Hoskovec   Owen Altermatt
Open Girls   Open Boys
Maria Kristensen   Michael Robertson
Natalie Klaas   Logan Schaefer
Grace Purtell   Jack Goldhammer
Abigail Oliphant   Ryan O’Leary


Head Coach / Open Water Chair
Tracey Spurgeon
[email protected]

Assistant Coach / Age Group Chair
Bill Spurgeon
[email protected]

Assistant Coach
Derek Howorth
[email protected]