2021 Sponsorship Opportunities



The Olde Atlanta Club Orcas are gearing up to run the swim team for the 2021 summer!  

The Orcas are a pivotal group in the OAC neighborhood and we love having local businesses on board supporting us, and we in turn, supporting you. 

We pride ourselves on family, fun and community - we love being part of this community and we’d love for you to come on board and join us in 2021.  

It has been a long, hard haul for many of us, especially for the children.  So, as we all bounce back and head into summer, we’d love to have you on our backs (literally!).

We are asking for help and looking for financial support from business and organisations from within OAC and neighboring areas to help us run a successful season. 

Donations of any value are welcome, but we’d love to support your business as you support our team. See below how to get your business airtime, on our shirts, our hats, our website, at our meets and at the pool.

Please reach out today to discuss sponsorship opportunities! We look forward to chatting with you and sharing the joy of summer swim this year!

Kind regards

OAC Orcas


[email protected]

Vanessa Fraser - 770.910.0965

Courtney Fleming - 678.612.5222

Mandy Sattler - 770.826.8053