We just posted the summer swim sessions online TODAY!

We do still have a few spring May-Early June spots left on Saturday AM's & Thurs PM's online at this time!
We can always pull back your registration & provide refunds for unused lessons - but once those limited seats are gone - they are gone!
NEW:  We have added more LEVEL 1 - BEGINNER PROGRAM this Summer!
PRIVATE LESSONS STILL ON HOLD - based on pool availability.
ALL PROGRAM INFO BELOW:  See days/times below:
Monday 9:15 & 10am (level 1 & 2-5). 10:45am (lv 2-10). SAST  lv 6+ 11:30am
Tuesday 5:15pm (level 1 & 2-5) 5:55pm (lv 2-10). 6:30-7:15PM SAST lv 6+
Wednesday 9:15 & 10am (level 1 & 2-5). 10:45am (lv 2-10). SAST 11:30am Lv 6+
Thurs 5:15 pm only (level 1 & 2-5)  5:55pm (lv 2-10).  6:30-7:15PM SAST lv 6+
Saturday 9:15 & 10am (level 1 & 2-5). 10:45am (lv 2-10). (SAST 11:30am- ON HOLD)
If you are interested in Summer Swim at Level 1 - I would not delay.  That registration is a seperate registration tab.  There are only 3 spots reserved for the earliest lesson times.  I can always pull you out if need be - however, once these limited level 1 seats are gone - they are gone.
We are still working at 1/2 capacity - this means registration spots are limited. We cannot guarantee make-ups at this time.  Our families have been great at letting us know when they are absent - which then gives that seat to another family looking for make-up.  This is by far NOT A FOOL PROOF plan - but it has actually been working to the benefit of the families who need more flexibility.
Any questions - Email Jennifer Keller at [email protected] ANYTIME!