Meet Report for YMCA Festival Meet

Meet Report for YMCA Festival Meet for Mid-West Region

March 31st-April 3rd

Location: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (one of Five sites conducting actual Festival Meet)

other sites> Greensboro, SC 3/31-4/3; Brown Deer, Wisc 4/8-4/11; Vorhes, NJ 4/8-4/11; & York, Pa 4/8-4/11; and some teams could hold virtual meets 

Time Standards for Y Fest at Miami University:

Meet Results for Miami University site:\

SWIM CLOUD Dashboard for SPY with combining all results

About The 2021 YMCA Swimming SCY Festival

In the absence of YMCA of the USA’s annual national championship, which was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s convening restrictions and safety considerations for athletes, a collective of coaches and volunteers from local YMCAs had organized a spring competitive opportunity for YMCA swimmers who have achieved 2020 Short Course YMCA National Championship time standards. This competition was organized and conducted entirely by local YMCAs and is not sponsored, organized, or conducted by the YMCA of the USA.

Competitions were held locally or regionally based on existing CDC or state health and safety regulations. Results will be compiled for national rankings and awards through SwimCloud.  All competition to be completed by April 11, 2021.

In conjunction with this competitive opportunity, a virtual celebration will be held upon the conclusion of competition and will include special features such as athlete-led devotions, senior recognition and Leader Board announcements. More details to be shared with competition organizers at a later date.

Our 2021 Y FESTIVAL Team: Evan Blazer, Badin Brewer, Dylan Day, Alana Derringer, Chase Fyffe, Jaden Humphrey, Sydney Jones, Christian Narcelles, Andrew Oates, Jarrett Payne, Kaylee Price, Annie Richters, Gwyn Thomas, Seth Thomas, Reese Turner

Spy was one of the larger teams at this meet location with over 30 other teams participating.

 The excitement of our team moving into Second Place overall for Team Standings came down to our outstanding swims and points scored by both our Girls & Boys 400 Free Relays in the very last events of the enire four day meet. Those points moved our team ahead of Blue Ash YMCA Swim Team: SPY with 693.5 points and BASH team with 684.5 points.

TEAM POINTS at Miami site:

  • Girls 297.5 points placing 4th
  • Boys 396 points placing 3rd
  • COMBINED 693.5 points placing 2nd Place Overall


Scoring Results from Miaim University site..Top 16 from Finals:

GOLD MEDAL Winners (1st place)

  • Girls 200 Free Relay: Sydney Jones, Reese Turner, Annie Richters, Kaylee Price
  • Boys 200 Free Relay: Evan Blazer, Jarrett Payne, Seth Thomas, Jaden Humphrey
  • Boys 400 Medley Relay:Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles, Jarrett Payne, Evan Blazer
  • Boys 400 Free Relay: Jarrett Payne, Jaden Humphery,Evan Blazer, Christian Narcelles

SILVER MEDAL Winners (2nd place)

  • Girls 200 Medley Relay: Reese Turner, Gwyn Thomas, Sydney Jones, Kaylee Price
  • Jarrett Payne in 100 Fly

BRONZE Medal Winners (3rd Place)

  • Jarrrett Payne> 200 IM and 100 Free
  • Girls 400 Medley Relay:Reeese Turner, Gwyn Thomas, Sydney Jones, Kaylee Price
  • Reese Turner> 100 Back
  • Christian Narcelles> 100 Breast
  • Boys 800 Free Relay: Jarrett Payne,Evan Blazer, Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles
  • Girls 400 Free Relay: Sydney Jones, Reese Turner,Annie Richters, Kaylee Price

Alana Derringer> 15th in 200 IM; 12th in 400 IM; 12th in 200 Breast

Christian Narcelles> 4th in 200 IM; 5th in 400 IM; 

Dylan Day> 10th in 200 IM; 10th in 400 IM

Reese Turner> 5th in 50 Free; 6th in 200 Free; 4th in 100 Free

Kaylee Price> 7th in 50 Free; 10th in 200 Free; 6th in 100 Free

Sydney Jones> 12th in 50 Free; 8th in 100 Fly

Evan Blazer> Tied for 4th in 50 Free; 8th in 400 IM; 7th in 100 Free; 4th in 200 Back

Jarrett Payne> 6th in 50 Free

Jaden Humphrey> 14th in 50 Free; 8th in 100 Fly; 4th in 100 Back; 10th in 100 Free

Chase Fyffe> 13th in 100 Fly; 14th in 200 Fly

Gwyn Thomas> 10th in 100 Breast; 10th in 200 Breast

Seth Thomas> 10th in 100 Breast

Girls 800 Free Relay> 5th place: Annie Richters, Reese Turner,Sydney Jones, Kaylee Price



  • Senior Boys 200yd Free Relay 1:24.65 > Evan Blazer, Seth Thomas, Jaden Humphrey, Jarrett Payne
    • prevoius record was 1:26.35 set on 4/1/2014
  • Senior Boys 400yd Medley Relay 3:23.89> Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles, Jarrett Payne, Evan Blazer
    • previous record was 3:28.58 set on 4/2/2014
  • Senior Boys 800yd Free Relay 6:53.33 > Evan Blazer, Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles, Jarrett Payne
    • previous record was 7:05.11 set on 4/3/2014
  • Senior Boys 400yd Free Relay 3:04.73> Evan Blazer, Jarrett Payne, Christian Narcelles, Jaden Humphrey
    • previous record was 3:15.97 set on 4/5/2014
  • Jarrett Payne setting SPY Team records as 14 year old for SPY 13-14 Boys Team Records
    • 200yd IM 1:52.04 (previous record 1:53,02 by Jarrett on 2/27/21)
      • New SWOYSL Record; previous record 1:54.46 set 2019
      • New National YMCA Age Group Record:previous 1:52. 31 set 1/1/1993
    • 50yd Free 21.15 (previous record 21.22 by Jarrett on 3/21/21)
      • New SWOYSL Age Group Record: previous record 21.35 set 1998
      • National YMCA Age Group Record:previous record 21.28 set 2/15/20
    • 100yd Fly 49.32 (previous record 51.85 by Jarret on 12/19/20)
      • New SWOYSL Age Group Record; previous record 51.71 set 2017
    • 100yd Free 45.98 (previous record 45.95 by Jarrett 2/19/21)
      • New SWOYSL Age Group Record; previous record 46.68 set in 1998 by SPY Swimmer Andy Swonger
      • New National Age Group Record; previous tied record 46.68 set in 1998 & 2020
      • New Ohio Swimming Age Group Record; previous record 45.45 set 2013 by Mason Rays Swimmer Adam Chaney
    • 200yd Free 1:41.00 (previous record 1:42.09 by Andy Swonger on 4/15/1998)
      • New SWOYSL Age Group Record;previous record held by SPY Swimmer, Andy Swonger from 1998