Teaching Tuesday: Swim Parenting - Part 1

This week's Teaching Tuesday is part 1 of a short teaching series to help parents help their athletes.

Today we are discussing how parent expectations can have an enormous impact on a child's training and competition performance. There have been many studies that have shown that if a parent is outwardly persistent about wanting their child to win against their competition, the child will feel more stressed and anxious. Children tend to feel better about their swimming experiences when they are supported when they achieve personal bests and when they are supported even when they don't go a best time. (Check out this SwimSwam article for more information about this topic and research!)

Although this topic is sometimes tough to talk about, it is an important one for parents to do some self-evaluating to make sure that they are supporting their child mentally and emotionally to the best of their ability.

Swim parents ultimately are so crucial in the sport because they make so much of the swimmer's success possible. From the meals to paying for the club team membership, driving, hotel and airfare, and so much more. We are so grateful for our incredible Georgia swim parents because we know you do it all. 


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