LCSC Coho Update 21 April 2021

LCSC Coho Update      21 April 2021

Schedule Update
Week of April 19: 
All practices as scheduled, except Saturday (April 24).  
Saturday practice canceled due to scheduled swim meet at Huron Valley HS.
Week of April 26: Practices as scheduled Monday through Thursday.  
No practices Friday and Saturday (Apr. 30 & May 1).
Dry Land Training begins for SR/Platinum and Gold groups on Monday and Wednesday only:
SR/Platinum Dry Land: 5:10-6:00 p.m.
Gold Dry Land: 4:00-4:45 p.m.
Dry Land Training is an optional opportunity, and coaches will expand the opportunity as much as possible.  
Equipment needed for both groups: training shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt; jump rope.  SR/Platinum group also requires an appropriate weight medicine ball.
Week of May 3: All practices as scheduled.  Dry Land TBA. 
Week of May 10: All practices as scheduled.  Dry Land TBA.

Coho Racing Update
April 24-25: Dual meet at Huron Valley HS: 
Entries have been sent in for this racing opportunity.  Please review the meet information for warm-up times.  Timelines have not yet been provided, but you may expect very short sessions.  HVP has requested additional volunteers to ensure a full-functioning event.  
May 22-23: Dual meet at Brighton HS.  Details are being finalized for this late May racing opportunity with the Brighton Aquatics team.  All Coho swimmers are encouraged to participate.

Synchronized Swimming Opportunity for Coho Swimmers
The Troy Synchro Sharkettes (TSS) are offering our Coho swimmers an opportunity to check out the fun of synchronized swimming on Sunday, May 2 at the Rec Center.  Synchronized swimming is fun and challenges your swimming skills in ways that compliment Coho racing.  There is no cost for this short introduction to the sport of synchronized swimming.  
“Try It Day” times are:
Ages 6-11, 12:00 p.m.-12:30 p.m.
Ages 12-15, 12:30-1:00 p.m.
Coho Coaches encourage all swimmers to participate in “Try It Day.”  TSS Coach Erin O’Brien is available for any synchro questions.  

LCSC Suits, Caps, and Training Equipment
     LCSC has partnered with Jolyn suits for our team swim wear.  Click on the “Jolyn” tab on our homepage and you will be directed to the swimsuit order page.
     Latex team caps are available from coaches upon request.  Each swimmer may receive up to two latex caps per calendar year.  
     Silicone team caps will be ordered at the end of this month.  Both generic team silicone caps and personalized caps must be ordered in pairs.  Please send your silicone cap orders to Coach Vince.  The silicone cap order will be sent out April 30, so contact Coach Vince on/before April 29.
     Each Coho swim group has its specific list of equipment. Most equipment is available through our team store.  Just click the icon on our home page, and the LCSC store will link up.  The specific type of equipment (i.e., Finis products, styles) have been selected by the coaches as the best equipment to improve technique. 
Bronze/Silver: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins
Gold: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins, Finis Freestyle snorkel* (*must be specific style)
SR/Platinum: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis Edge fins, Finis ISO Paddles, Finis Stability Snorkel, Swim parachute, mesh bags for kicking.  Swim parachutes differ in their price, size, and quality; mesh bags (12” x 18”, or larger) may be found at the Champion Sports Store:
Special thanks to Erin O’Brien for setting up our team store on the team website!  
Swimmers may check with coaches regarding equipment recommendations.

What to Expect as LCSC Continues to Practice
1. Please continue to stay safe and stay home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. 
LCSC is following the recommendations of Wayne County’s “Return to School Roadmap”:
2. Wear your mask and social distance at all times when in the Rec Center.  This includes dry land training, waiting behind the blocks to enter the pool, and using the restrooms.  
3. Maintaining safe distance in the water, while resting and/or receiving instruction.  

Please be aware of social distancing while the water while resting and receiving instructions.  
4. Direct instruction and practice time to correctly perform basic and advanced racing skills.  In swimming, the combination of excellent instruction and time to fine-tune those skills is the path to success.  Coho coaches are well prepared daily to offer excellent instruction, and our Board of Directors have been tenacious in providing pool time so that our young swimmers have the best opportunities to be successful Coho swimmers.

Thank you for keeping all Cohoes safe!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches