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Team Email - 4/23/21

Team Email 6/23/2021

Happy Friday! How lovely is this weather today?
I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine today. I had a lovely walk today and spring has definitely sprung as flowers are blooming everywhere.

A few notes:
1) Invoices.
Please check your invoice for April and submit any questions or concerns to Kristen at [email protected] before April 30.

2) JCC Pickup.
At JCC, please wait for your athletes in the parking lot rather than the pickup aisle or in handicapped parking spots. There are several programs that use the facility and need that street to be clear in the event of an emergency or to provide access for JCC members with disabilities.

3) May New Member Evaluations - May 15th. 
This will be listed under TEAM EVENTS tab on the main website. Developmental and Advanced groups will have group number increase slightly starting June 1 as the community moves to increase vaccinations and in-person activities are more accessible. Daily attendance in these groups fluctuate dramatically and we can invite more athletes to those rosters while maintaining a safe environment. Performance level groups require a minimum attendance of 75% to participate so those groups consistently operate at facility capacity, therefore opening those group would be in violation of our facility agreements.

4) Schedule Announcements
Schedule May 17-June 13
This will be out by the end of the weekend as we finish up solidifying actual facility availability as some facilities are closing for a week for maintenance and year-end programs have some effect on our programs.

Summer Schedule June 14-July 31.
This schedule is up on the google calendar today. This will be slightly tentative barring facility issues or closure, but we’re excited to get everyone into the pool and a regular schedule!

August Schedule.
Unless something incredibly radical occurs, we will not be programming from August 1-22. Performance Track programming (D7/A10/JP/SP/SHP/14U Varsity/18U Varsity) as well as Masters will return August 23rd and accounts will be charged 1/3 monthly fees to cover that cost of operation.  Advanced & Development track athletes will have opportunities for paid clinics during that time.

The full program will resume training after Labor Day.

Group placements for 2021-2022 season will be determined & communicated mid-July from the business office.

5) Travel Reminder/Covid Communication

Most recent state map is below.If you have any travel plans, please let us know so we can keep our team safe. We also want to thank everyone who has been transparent with their exposures and and quarantines. That has helped us keep exposures down - and our team safe.