Cavalier Aquatics Finishes 3rd Nationally at Y Festival



From mid March through the mid April, multiple meets were hosted at various sites throughout the country all using the same meet format and events (Under the name Y festival) as a replacement meet for Short Course YMCA Nationals. Over 100 YMCA teams competed at these meets. Cavalier Aquatics participated at the York site from April 8-11. 

At the completion of all of the Y festival meets throughout the country, results all of the meets were merged and Cavalier Aquatics finished 3rd nationally.

Congratulations to all of our Cavalier Aquatics swimmers who swam in the meet! 

Meet Highlights below:

Y Festival

 National  Merged Results


Combined Team Scores:


2-Greater Somerset-711

3-Cavalier Aquatics-521


5-Greater Spartanburg-432


Women’s Team Scores:

1-Greater Spartanburg-420




5-Greater Somerset-288

6-Cavalier Aquatics-245


Men’s Team Scores:

1-Greater Somerset-408


3-Cavalier Aquatics-276





Individual Results (top 16 national finishes):

Women’s 500 free          G. Davis          4:49.20          3rd

Women’s 200 IM             A. Vanyo        2:02.63          10th

Men’s 200 IM                   N. Hargrove  1:50.21           5th

Women’s 50 free             I. Bradley       23.42              12th

Men’s 50 free                  T. Heilman      20.17              4 th

Men’s 50 free                  T. Cross           20.85              14th

Women’s 400 IM            G. Davis           4:15.45           3rd

Women’s 100 fly            G. Davis            53.26              2nd

Women’s 100 fly            A Vanyo            53.99              4th

Men’s 100 fly                  T. Heilman        47.35              1st

Men’s 100 fly                  S. Johnson         49.81             14th

Men’s 200 free               T. Heilman         1:36.25          3rd

Women’s 100 back         I. Bradley           54.86             8th

Men’s 100 back               Z. Ashby             50.13             16th

Women’s 200 back         I Bradley            1:59.40          8th

Men’s 200 back               Z. Ashby            1:48.49          14th

Men’s 200 back               T. Cross              1:49.41         15th

Men’s 200 brst                M. Heilman       2:02.61          10th

Men’s 200 brst                J. Smith              2:03.11          12th

Women's 200 fly             G. Davis             2:00.22           5th

Men's 200 fly                  T. Heilman          1:46.13           2nd

Men's 200 fly                  N Hargrove         1:48.84           5th

Men's 200 fly                  S Johnson           1:50.84           14th

Men's 1650                     A Garono             16:23.93         16th


Relay Results (Top 16  national finishes):

Women’s 200 Medley Relay

I Bradley, E Bendall, A Vanyo, G Davis           1:42.39               2nd

Men’s 200 Medley Relay

Z Ashby, M Heilman, T Heilman, T Cross            1:31.34               5th

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

I Bradley, L Fitzpatrick, A Vanyo, G Davis          3:42.34                2nd

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Z Ashby, M Heilman, T Heilman, T Cross           3:19.22                3rd

Women’s 200 Free Relay

A Vanyo, I Bradley, A Huang, G Davis                 1:34.04               6th

Men’s 200 Free Relay

T Cross, Z Ashby, S Johnson, T Heilman             1:22.82                4th

Women’s 400 Free Relay

G Davis, I Bradley, K Burr, A Vanyo                     3:26.51                7th

Men’s 400 Free Relay

T Heilman, Z Ashby, S Johnson, T Cross              3:02.44               4th

Women’s 800 Free Relay

G Davis, J Addison, K Burr, A Vanyo                    7:38.57               12th

Men’s 800 Free Relay

S Johnson, N Hargrove, A Garono, T Heilman   6:43.97               3rd


Y Festival Team:

Addison, Julie  $

Ashby, Zachary $ #

Bendall, Elisabeth $

Bradley, Isabelle$ #

Burr, Kathryn  

Cross, Charlie  $

Cross, Teddy    $ #

Davis, Grey      $*#

Fitzpatrick, Lillian$

Fix, Cayden     

Garono, Anthony$ #

Hargrove, Noah $ * #

Heilman, Matthew $ #

Heilman, Thomas $ * # !

Huang, Avery  $

Hutter, Preston

Johnson, Christopher $

Johnson, Samuel $ #

Schundler, Charles $

Smith, Jack $ #

Vanyo, Athena $ #

Wells, Madelyn

Wray, Peyton  

Yu, Sophia      


$ - York Site Finalist

* - York Site Event Champion         

# - National Pt. Scorer

! - National Champion


Individual Results:

Time Trials