Come join the Otters!

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Hello prospective Otters’ swimmers!

We are the West Vancouver Otters Swim Club based out of the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre. My
name is Norman, the Assistant Head Coach, and I would like to tell you about our program.

We are a competitive swim club offering programs for children from K-12. Our programs are suitable for
swimmers that have advanced through lessons and are looking for more of a challenge or for teenage
swimmers looking to add swim fitness to their exercise regimen. If you are unsure whether competitive
swimming is for you, you can always sign up for an assessment first and decide later.

I know that many parents are concerned that joining a sports program during a pandemic may be
dangerous. However, locations with a robust safety plan have a much lower transmission rate than in
private homes. Simply stated, SAFETY PLANS WORK! If you are undecided whether you want to return to
swimming or not, please take a look at our " WVOSC Return to Swimming Plan" before making your

Here are some of the key points:


  • Physical distancing (3 m apart) will be observed at all times. There are physical distancing markers on deck where swimmers will put their bags. Swimmers will be physically distancing before, during and after training sessions.
  • We limit a maximum of 4 swimmers per lane
  • Face masks will be required for all swimmers coming in and out of the facility; they will remove their face masks prior to getting into the water. Coaches will be wearing face masks at all times.
  • There will be no congregating before or after training. Transmission of COVID-19 is often occurring when people are congregating before or after the actual activity without following safety guidelines; infections are happening outside of programmed activity.
  • Swimmers will exit the facility before subsequent groups are let into the facility. Physical distancing will always be possible with the number of people in the facility.
  • The pool has stringent enhanced cleaning protocols.

In addition, recent studies in the UK with Swim England suggested that swimming pool water inactivates
COVID 19 in a short period of time. You can read up on this study here:

To book an assessment now, please email our registrar, Laura Fleury, at [email protected]
and she will help you out.

Please feel free to email me as well at [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting our future swim stars.