Visalia Unified has allowed us to practice again at El Diamante!  We are very excited to be back home and to get our swimmers back in the water.  Here is some information to get started:

  • Our alloted pool time is 7:00 - 8:30 PM.  Practice schedule right now is tentative and only for a few groups.  We will slowly bring back all groups once we have enough coaches on staff.  If anyone knows any potential coaches for our younger groups, please let me know! (Silver 1, Bronze 1/2)
  • Practice schedule for May and end of April (tentative) is below.  Only Senior group is in the water now.  Gold group will begin practice Monday, May 3rd 
  • I have included Silver 1 and Silver 2 group on the monthly calendar, however, they will not begin practicing until we find a new coach!  We anticipate finding one in the next few weeks, and HOPE to begin Sunday, May 9th.  We will keep everyone updated via email. 
  • Bronze group will be added to the schedule once we find our third coach!  
  • SPACE IS LIMITED!  Therefore, we are placing a maximum number of swimmers we will have per group:  (*= tentative and based on coach availability)
    • Senior:  8 swimmers
    • Gold: 12 swimmers
    • *Silver 2: 12 swimmers
    • *Silver 1: 16 swimmers
    • *Bronze 2: 7 swimmers
    • *Bronze 1: 7 swimmers
  • Swimmers will be placed into groups based on priority:
    • 1st priority:  swimmers who practiced with us in Hanford
    • 2nd priority:  swimmers who have been on our team in the past (first-come, first served)
    • 3rd priority:  new swimmers (first-come, first served)
    • 4th priority:  waitlist (first-come, first served)
  • Please contact me via email if you would like your swimmer(s) to be added to our practice groups!

Lastly, VUSD requires us to have a COVID Guidelines & Information Form that you must sign prior to your swimmers entering the facility.  PLEASE READ THE FORM CAREFULLY AND BE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THE RULES THEREIN.  Form is below.  You can sign and return it via email or in person at practice.  Also below is the El Diamante Pool Facilty "FLOW" map.  There are areas that are limited to swimmers and coaches only, as well as a spectators area.  Please familiarize yourself with both forms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Coach Jason 


April/May Practice Calendar

Informed Consent Form

El Diamante Facility "flow" Map