Return to indoor El Monte Aquatics Facility, 5/3!

Good evening MAX Families!

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce MAX Aquatics will be returning to our indoor El Monte Facility effective Monday, May 3rd!


Being an indoor pool, we must adhere to local, state, and CDC guidelines of 2/lane. The coaching staff is working diligently to make this work under these restrictions and how to create a safe, fun, effective training environment.


The pool, like our MHS Facility, will continue to be a ‘closed deck’. Meaning no spectators allowed past the lobby. Feel free to pick up/drop off your athletes outside the lobby. There will be no locker-room available, but restrooms will be utilized when needed. The glass doors will be open to increase ventilation throughout the facility.


Please help our coaching staff by letting us know if you will be returning to El Monte by emailing Coach Michael at [email protected].


Over the next few days, we will be updating our training times (additional hours at MHS), updating our group structure at El Monte, and reaching out to our waitlist athletes.


We are happy to return home with some growing pains. Know that our coaching staff are working tirelessly to give your athletes the best the experience!

MAX Coaching Staff



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