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Minnetonka Swim Club: Revised Banquet Date/Virtual Leaderboard Series Info

Greeting Minnetonka Swim Club Athletes and Families,

The rescheduled Minnetonka Swim Club Virtual Banquet will be held on Sunday, May 23rd at 5:00 PM. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Our coaches are excited to put on a great event for our athletes and families and I believe we have ironed out any issues we would have been dealing with last week.

An additional item we will now be featuring at the banquet will be recognition for our athletes who took part in the Minnesota Swimming “Virtual Leaderboard Series” (VLS) that wrapped up on Sunday, April 18th. For those of you who were not aware what the VLS is I would like to outline what it was (and what it was not) as well as how we will be approaching it from a club recognition perspective.

When I was working for Minnesota Swimming, I was part of the staff that conceptualized and implemented the VLS. Our goal was to create an opportunity to generate enthusiasm for Minnesota Swimming athletes who may not have been able to compete against other athletes due to COVID guidelines and restrictions. This was not intended to be a replacement for the Minnesota Swimming Championship series of meets that include the MAC, MRC, and State Championships.

You can read about how the series was conducted HERE.

Final awards for the series were posted on Monday, April 26th and revised on Tuesday, April 27th. You can view the results HERE. Note – these results were put together in single age format by gender to get as many kids involved as possible!

If you would like to order awards for your child based on placing in an event in the series, please do so! With so few opportunities for kids to be recognized over the last twelve months – go for it! There is order information for medals and plaques available HERE. Note – all orders must be placed by May 12th!

The swim club will take care of getting certificates printed for all club athletes who placed in the Top 3 in their age groups – we will have those available for pick-up along with other awards that are traditionally given out at the banquet.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for your patience. I look forward to seeing our athletes and families on May 23rd at 5:00 PM and I am happy we will be able to include the Virtual Leaderboard Series in with our other awards for this year.

Regards –

John Bradley
Aquatic Director – Minnetonka Aquatics
[email protected]