Weekly Update 5/3

Weekly Update 5/3/21


Meets in May and June:

  • Home Meet May 7-9th.  These entries are completed
  • May 22-23rd
    • U of MN NSAC hosted meet. We are limited to 60 spaces for this meet.  We would prefer that our JR and SR teams are the groups attending this Long Course Event.  We would like to have entries to the host team by Friday May 7th.  Please register for this event asap.
    • Chaska, MN West Express hosted meet.  We would like to see all of our Age Group teams attend this event.  Entries are not limited at this meet and we would like to send a file to the host team by May 12th.
  • June 4-6th
    • Richfield, MN, Piranha hosted event.  This is our only meet offered this weekend.  We encourage our entire team to attend.
  • June 24-27th
    • U of MN, AquaJet hosted meet.  We have 40 spaces for this event.  Entries are due May 22nd and we will hopefully not have to make any exceptions, but there is a likelihood that we will not be able to enter all of our swimmers who qualify.
    • Mankato, MN, Mantas hosted meet.  We do not have limitations for this event and we love heading down to this event.  All swimmers are encouraged to attend

Summer Schedules:

              These are taking form and we hope to have a finalized schedule posted by the end of next week.  We have many pools to utilize so we will have room for all who are interested in the team!


Summer Learn to Swim:

              It is looking very likely that we will be partnering with the YMCA in Savage to offer the community swimming lessons for two months this summer.  Final details are being worked up and final details will be presented by the end of next week.