FAQ's 2022


Swim Team FAQs


  • How do I sign up?
    • Please go to the Aquatics web page and click on Swim or Dive Lessons-- you will be directed to the TeamUnify website-- while it seems this is for swim-team sign up, this is actually where we do lesson sign-up as well!
  • How will I get charged?
    • When you sign up on TeamUnify, your CCA account will be billed.
  • Do we need to do lessons if we are already doing swim team too?
    • While you are not required to do lessons, the coaching staff highly recommends complementing your swim team experience with lessons to improve strokes! Lessons are scheduled to immediately follow the last swim team practice at 10, 10:30 and 11am every day M-Th.

Swim Team!

  • Who can join? 
    • ANYONE!! As long as you can swim the length of the big pool, you are welcome. You can be 4 or 18 or anything in between, with lots of or zero swim experience, and we will welcome you with open arms!
  • How often does my child really have to come to those early practices?
    • All coaches recommend that your swimmer be at practice every day M-TH-- and that they attend the more focused Stroke Clinic offered for free at 9:30am each day. That being said, we want your swimmer to have FUN and be in for swim team for years to come. For the 8 and Unders, you may be able to tailor his or her schedule to allow for advancement of their swimming ability and maximum enjoyability! Please talk with your child’s swim coach if you need help with this. No one will be turned away from the team because of other outside commitments or conflicts.
  • Preseason-- do I need to get my kids there?

If your swimmers after school sports schedules allow, it is a great opportunity to get a head start on the season.  Preseason practices are not required but are highly encouraged. 

  • My kids do enough sports all year-- why should we sign them up for this big summer commitment?
    • Swim team allows for the swimmers to form friendships, develop a deep connection to our community at CCA and form a sense of belonging to a fun group! Working hard together bonds them with their teammates and shows them what hard work can accomplish!  Swimming is also a life-long skill.  Your kids will thank you!
  • What commitments does joining the team entail?
    • Swim team involves coming to practice daily Mon-Thurs (or as much as possible), stroke clinics, and as many meets as you can.  
  • Do I need to stay for practice?
    • No-- you do not need to be at the pool during the actual practice.
  • When does the season end?
    • Preseason starts on May 17th and the final Metro League meets are July 2 (for everyone) and July 16/17th (a qualifying meet).  Kids who qualify will have the opportunity to compete in the State Meet over the weekend of July 23-25.
  • I’ve already signed my kids up for camps that conflict with the season. Can he/she still swim for the Barracudas?
    • Yes!  Communicate with your coaches and come to as much of the swim season as possible.  We want to focus on participation and are happy with whatever swimmers are able to commit to this summer.


  • What “stuff” do we really need for swim team?
    • Your swimmer needs a swimsuit and goggles, a swim cap is helpful and highly recommended. There is a team suit that we ask you to buy through Swim N Things--the gear link will be attached to the CCA Website.
    • Swim, dive and synchro participants will all get a 2022 Crestmoor Aquatics t-shirt at the start of the season. 


  • What is the structure/schedule of a meet?
    • Meets typically start at 7:30 am with warmups a little earlier.  Dual meets are usually finished around noon.  Meets start and end with relay races.  
  • What do I need to do at the meet?
    • Cheer on your child and the rest of the Barracudas! Help the team at home meets by volunteering to time races, help sell snacks at concessions or put winning names on the ribbons!
  • What should we bring to the meets?    
    • It is always a good idea to bring snacks, water, extra layers of clothes and several towels. Sometimes the kids will have enough time between races to read a book or play uno. It is nice to have a dry towel after warm-ups and each event. A lot of kids will bring a few dollars to get a treat at the concessions stand.
  • What will my child swim in the meet?
    • This is up to your child and his/her coaches.  Some kids like to swim the same events at every meet, and others are determined to try every event before the end of summer.  This will ensure they get the “Barracuda Award” at the swim banquet.  


  • I’m really busy. And/or I have little ones. I can’t volunteer!
    • Crestmoor relies on volunteerism to keep the program running. It is also what makes our community so wonderful and friendly.  There are many different opportunities in which to get involved.  Your swim chairs can help you find the perfect place that fits your schedule! Some jobs are easy to do with young children in tow or outside of meet days.  
  • What can I do to help?
    • Volunteer!  We ask that parents sign up for three volunteer spots per swimmer in the family. 
  • How do I sign up?  


  • What do all of these volunteer jobs even mean?
    • Reach out to your swim chairs if you have questions or would like help finding the perfect job.  And don’t be intimidating by the meet timer job!  It is easier that it sounds and comes with a tutorial if you’ve never done it.   It is a fun job and you get front row to all of the action including your kids’ races!  

Social Events

  • What are the events that happen this season besides practice and meets?
    • May 16 at 6:30pm - Zoom Information Night - Bring your questions!
    • June 15 morning (during practice) - Doughnut and Picture Day
    • June 22 - Aquatics Dance -- a can’t-miss, super-fun event!! Drop off for kids over 7. Stay tuned for additional details. 
    • July 17 - Aquatics Award Banquet and Celebration- for the whole family!

o   *Please note that while we are hoping to stick to this schedule, dates could shift or change due to Covid.