The Governance Committee is looking for a few good volunteers!

Under the By-Laws of New Mexico Swimming, we are required to form a Governance Committee to advise and support the Board of Directors, ensure accountability and help with strategic planning and Board succession.

Our Secretary, Jeanette Skow is pulling the Committee together and is looking for two more volunteers from the LSC - one an athlete and one a non-athlete (coach, parent, official, etc).

If you are interested, or know someone who is - please email Jeanette or Murray Kelley (General Chair). You can find our emails on this website under Admin and then Board (click on our names).

Want to know more about what the job entails before stepping up?

* It will require a few meetings a year, often over Zoom

* And our By-Laws also have a detailed description in Section 7.4.3 ( link)

This is a great way to ensure a strong future for New Mexico Swimming and a great experience for our team, athletes and families.

Written By: Murray Kelley, General Chair