Swim Meet Requirements

CBM Families,

Welcome to the 2021 swim season. Due to COVID restrictions we will not have our annual parent meeting to go over the swim team handbook and requirements. We will instead be sending out a series of e-mails that review the pertinent information in the handbook.

2021 Swim Meet Schedule 

May 22 - Cordova Blue and Gold (Rosemont Pool)

June 5 - Cordova vs. Orangevale (Rosemont Pool)

June 12 - Rio Linda vs. Cordova (Rosemont Pool)

June 19 - Cordova vs. Arden Manor (Rosemont Pool)

June 26 - Cordova vs. Lifetime

July 3 - No Meet

July 10 - Placerville vs. Cordova

July 17 - Cordova vs. Woodland 

July 24 - VFCAL Champs

In order for your child(ren) to participate in swim meets, the child must (1) be "declared" for the swim meet through the team unify website and (2) one adult member of your family must volunteer for a shift at that meet. Signing up for a volunteer shift will also be done through the team unify website.

*Even if your child(ren) will not be attending a meet please follow the steps below to declare your child's commitment by the MONDAY preceding each meet.


How to sign-up your child for a swim meet?  

~Log in to Team Unify at

~Click on “Meets” on the top menu bar.

~Click on the Meet Title name & date link

~Select "Edit commitment" button

~Select each swimmer’s name and choose either "Yes, Please sign up *name* for this event" or "No, *name* will not attend this event.

~Select "Save Changes" button

How to Volunteer at a swim meet? 

Before the first swim meet, families will be required to submit a check for $125 volunteer deposit, payable to the Blue Marlins. This deposit will be discarded when volunteer requirements are met. YOU MUST VOLUNTEER FOR AT LEAST ONE SHIFT AT EVERY MEET IN WHICH YOUR CHILD SWIMS. It is your responsibility to complete these hours.  If you need additional assistance on figuring out how to do this, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Erin Seymour at  [email protected] about how the program works and how you can sign up to help.

How to sign-up for Swim Meet Volunteer Hours?  

~Log in to Team Unify at

~Click on “Meets” on the top menu bar.

~Click on the Meet Title name & date link

~Click on the “job signup” button.

~Check the time & job shift you wish to take and click “signup.”

Swim Meet Volunteer Job Descriptions

Each family must volunteer at EVERY meet in which a child swims. The following jobs are needed to run a meet.  Some require special training, which will be provided before the start of the season and/or during the Blue & Gold Meet in May.   

Season-long Volunteer Positions - training required

* Announcer - Season-long commitment - Uses the PA system to keep spectators and swimmers updated on the events in progress and coming up as well as to make other announcements when asked by coaches or meet director.   Season-long commitment. The announcer should be experienced in meet operations as well as public speaking .   

*Head Timer -  Season-long commitment  - Ensures that Marlins timers are present for each shift. Trains all timers at the start of their shift on the proper operation of their job duties.  Assists the Meet Referee, Starter, and Computer Operator with testing the timing system.  During the meet, they will also relay instructions as needed from the computer operator.  The head starter will also carry a back up stopwatch, in case there is a problem with a stopwatch in any lane during the meet.  The head timer needs prior experience in timing swim meets.    

* Starter (home meets) -Season-long commitment - The starter conducts the start of each race during the meet.  The assistant serves as a backup and helps start the race clocks.  Experience in meet operations is desirable.  Training is required and provided by the League and the Team before the start of each season.

*Computer Operator Assistant (home meets) - Season-long commitment. Assist the computer operator (which is a Board Position) during the meet.  Experience in Meet operations is desirable. 

* Stroke & Turn Judges (all meets) - Season-long commitment - Training is required and provided before the start of each season. Judges observe the swimmer’s starts, strokes and/or turns to ensure the swimmers are following the rules for that stroke.  In the event of a violation, the judge gives a signal and notes the infraction on paper.  Knowledge of proper technique for racing strokes is desirable.  

*Head Stroke & Turn Judge (all meets)   - Season-long commitment- Ensures the team has enough trained Stroke & Turn judges during the meet; Assists the meet director/referee in placing of judges and review of infraction signals.  Must be a trained Stroke and Turn Judge with several years’ experience.

*Equipment Coordinator (all meets) - Transports equipment to and from swim meets.  Need to have personal vehicle capable of pulling the team trailer.  Must have a truck or other vehicle able to pull the CBM equipment trailer.  The trailer uses a hitch with a 2 INCH ball.  

Positions marked with an (*) asterisk run most smoothly when consistent volunteer(s) oversee the position, therefore if you choose one of these positions, please plan to volunteer for all meets that you have a swimmer participating.

If you are interested in any of the trained positions listed above, PLEASE REPLY   to [email protected] or to this email to let us know what you are interested in. 

Weekly Volunteer Positions

Timers (all meets)- There are three timers in each lane at each meet; home and away.  Timers operate the plunger or stopwatch to time each race.  One timer in each lane also manually records the stopwatch times.    No experience is necessary.  Training is given at the start of each shift.

Meet Runner (home meets) - The lane runner collects written time sheets from timers throughout the meet and brings them to the Computer Operator.  Also posts results provided by computer operator.  No experience is needed.  

Ready Bench (home meets) - Helps get swimmers lined up on benches in heat and lane order.

Set Up (all meets) - Arrive early to help set up items needed for the meet including tents, timing system, tables, and needed supplies.  Need 5 to 10 people for 1-2 hours.  Arrive at 6 am. No experience necessary.

Team Wear Sales (home meets and some practices) - Help set up and sell spirit wear.  The team wear booth is coordinated and supervised by the Board Vice President.  No experience necessary.

Take Down (home meets) - At the conclusion of the meet, help disassemble tents, timing system, tables, etc. and store them in the team area.  Need 5 to 10 people for about 1 hour.  No experience necessary .  


Attached is an information sheet to remind you how to signup for meets. If you have any questions regarding volunteering requirements or positions please email [email protected]