PPSL League changes for 2021

For those that have been doing PPSL for a while, here's a summary of League changes to our meets.

For 13&Older events - we're back to 100's for Back and Breast.   But we'll have 50 Free and 100 Free.     This was a league decision largly driven by the fact that High School does 100's.

We will not longer have Champ vs. Exhibition heats.     Top 3 from any heat can score.      But that also means no exhibition 1st-3rd by heat.        Anyone not getting 1-3 places will get a Best Effort ribbon (likely only 12 & younger) but we can be swayed.

As far as year two COVID - league thinking as of today:

Dual meets: it's a decison between two teams as to whether we swim face to face or virtual.     Different teams are following different COVID protocols.      If we as a swim & dive committees made a decision to VISIT - we'll share the host team's policies so you can factor that in your decision to attend.    
Any meets we host will attempt to limit numbers to our then current club max.

It's also possible that diving will visit where swimming might be virtual only.     

Champ meets:    TENTATIVE schedules

Diving July 15 & 16 at Madiera

Swim: Eastern Hills Champs Monday July 12. - anyone not in A champs is eligible.

A Champs: July 13 & 14 @ Mason (indoor), likely limit on guests that can attend.    Top 2 fastest/legal in each event normally attend.