NMS Board of Directors positions coming open

The New Mexico Swimming Board of Directors has a number of volunteer roles coming open this Fall. These roles are critical to the functioning of the BOD and enable us to offer excellent opportunities for our swimmers and teams across the state.

We are looking for nominees (parents, coaches, former athletes who reside in NM) for these roles:

Finance Vice-Chair (currently held by Janet Lyon-Huffman)
2) Treasurer (currently held by Linda Corliss)
3) Technical Planning Committee Chair (currently shared by Lee Taylor and Vickie Fellows)
* This position can continue to be shared.
4) Age Group Vice-Chair (in charge of AG Zones Team among other things)
* Lee Taylor has been nominated, but additional interest is always welcome.
If you are interested in these positions, please reach out to Murray Kelley (General Chair) or to Jeanette Skow (interim Chair of the Governance Committee as it gets organized). Seeking nominations and preparing a "depth chart" for the LSC is a key role of the Governance Committee.
Beyond this, we also have an increased need for Athlete Reps on the Board (and House).
* At Summer Champs this year we will need to elect one Athlete Rep and likely two (or more) Athlete-at-Large Reps.
* This is important because all BOD and most committee business requires at least 20% athlete representation.
* If you have any 15&O athletes that would like such a role, or would be great for such a role please reach out to our current Athlete reps Camden Fouser and Sarah Gormley (and include our Sr. Vice-Chair, Jeremiah Stanton). They can help any athlete understand the role and prepare for the nomination and election processes which might be new to them.
Written By: Murray Kelley, NMS General Chair