Teaching Tuesday: Developing a Pre-Race Routine

This week's Teaching Tuesday is all about developing a pre-race routine. Most of the top swimmers have a set routine before they race, and this can include things such as meals before a meet, stretching, warm-up, and anything leading up to an event. Parents: you can help your swimmer by providing any food they normally eat and the equipment they need to keep their routines the same for meets. Athletes: if you don't already have a routine, you can start with some simple things that you enjoy doing before races and adapt them as you navigate your swim career. 

Some things to think about for developing a pre-race routine:

  • Think about what exercises/stretches you already do before you warm up for practices and see if you enjoy doing them before warming up at meets
  • Does your team have a typical warm-up swim routine? If so, that is a good place to start. If not, what makes you feel ready to go?
    • This could also change a bit based on what events you are swimming each day of a meet
  • Is there a snack or breakfast that you enjoy eating before meets?

Once you have a locked-in routine, it is also important that you can adapt your routine if the situation calls for it. Not every pool and/or facility will be the same, so some resources will be scarce depending on where you are. Parents can help their athletes with these difficulties, but ultimately, the best swimmers make the most of what they have when circumstances are not ideal.


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