May SHARK BITES! Little Nibbles of Important Information!


Little Nibbles of Important Information!

*SHARK RACES; Friday, May 21st!

The deadline for Friday’s SHARK RACES is this Wednesday, May 19th! NO Exceptions! Please go to the event page at to register OR click HERE!

*Angel & Leopard SHARKS Make-Up Lesson – Friday, May 28th!

There’s a Make-Up lesson scheduled for Coach Sara’s and Coach Kevin’s Angel and Leopards SHARK groups on Friday, May 28th at you regularly scheduled lesson time! Sand SHARKS may attend on an opposite day for a lightning cancelled lesson, BUT email Coach Shirley for the class time!

*NO Practices at Westminster on Saturday & Monday, May 29th & 31st!

The Pool is closed on Saturday & Monday for the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday! There will be morning practices at SOFLO for the Great White and Mako SHARKS on Monday, please see the schedule posted our website as we get closer to that date!

*Remind App – for Lesson & Practice Status for Weather!

We’ve created an account on the REMIND App! We’ll make a decision on status of each practice or lesson 30 minutes prior to the start time. If we cancel a lesson or practice, we will send it out on the REMIND App and you will be informed of your lesson OR practice cancellation! You can join by downloading the REMIND App and then text @aquakidsl to 81010 OR go to

If you do not receive a text cancelling your lesson or practice, it is still ON! Of course, with our Florida weather and FAST moving storms, we may still have to cancel due to a weather (lightning) situation! We do conduct lessons and practices in the rain and cancel for lightning!

*Summer FUNdamental Swim Camp and Swim School Registration is OPEN!!!

Our FUNdamental Swim Camp and Swim School programs will be in full operation soon and registration is NOW OPEN!!! Full information at! Online camp registration is available and Weeks #2 & 3 are sold out! ***Current AquaKids families who have paid our annual registration fee MUST pay the camp registration fee, but we will credit your regular AquaKids account by the end of the summer!


All groups, with the exception of the Great White, Mako and Tiger SHARKS, remain the same! Please see schedule below:

Angel, Leopard, Sand & Bull SHARKS: Practice Schedule Remains the SAME!

Blue, Dusky & Hammerhead SHARKS: Practice Schedule Remains the SAME!

Tiger SHARKS: (May 24th – August 6th) NEW SCHEDULE: Monday – Fridays, 2:00-3:15 pm & Saturdays, 10:30-12:30 pm!

Mako SHARKS (June 10th – Taper): TBA!

Great White SHARKS (June 10th – Taper):

M/T/Th/F: 6:30-8:30 AM (Swim) – M/W/F: 3:15-6:15 PM (Swim & Dry Land) –Saturdays @ SoFlo: 6:30-9:00 AM

Basking and Whale SHARKS (Adults) (June 7th – August 6th):

M/W/F: 4:45-6:30 AM – Whole Pool!

M/W/F: 12:30-2:00 PM – Whole Pool Available!

Saturdays: 7:00-9:00 AM (Starting June 5th)!



Friday, June 25th, Friday, July 30th, & Friday, August 20th (also includes our infamous family relay races)!

*Goggles & Caps:

We have a small supply of goggles available for purchase in the pool office! They are $10 cash while the supply lasts. We also have AquaKids SHARKS bathing caps available in the office! Latex caps are $5 & Silicone caps are $20.



All our Continuing Education (“CE”) and Swim Team (AquaKids SHARKS) groups have SHARK names.


ANGEL & LEOPARD SHARKS are Coach Kevin’s and Coach Sara’s groups that swim in the shallow end of lane 6!

SAND SHARKS are Coach Louann’s groups who start from the starting block end of lane 6!

BULL SHARKS are Coach Danny’s groups that swim in Lane 1 (closet to the bleachers)!


BLUE SHARKS are Coach Noah’s groups who usually swim in Lane 2!

MAKO SHARKS are Coach Issy’s group who practice usually in Lanes 3, 4, & 5!

HAMMERHEAD & DUSKY SHARKS swim with Coaches Issy and Noah!

GREAT WHITE SHARKS are Coach Lou’s group who practice in the mornings & afternoons as scheduled.

WHALE (& BASKING) SHARKS are the adult groups who practice MWF in the mornings and noon time!

*THANK YOU for being a member of our program!