2021 pre-season updates as of 5/18

Hi Killer and Mini Whale parents!

This is a preseason update!

We are back to planning swim & dive as we did PRE COVID.          I'll share a lot of snapshot info here.     Please look for more details in the next week plus.

FIRST if you aren't getting emails from us or know others that aren't, please check your spam/junk.    I'll post things s NEWS so you can refer back vs. looking for emails - where that makes sense.

The EVENTS tab is for anything that has signups.      But I also used it for Swimville so I could post attachments.

Practices; Current thinking (subject to change).    Starting June 1.   I'll post on the PRACTICE tab once I have this confirmed.

Swim:   M-F (Friday MIGHT start 9:30 once meets start)

8-30 - 9:30 (11 & older and strong 9-10s with coach permission)

9:30-10:30 (10 & Unders)

DIVE:  M/W/F - 9-11 - pick a time, come when not swimming if doing both.

MINIS: T/W/Th - 10:30-11

I'm looking for an volunteers to help with swim and dive SOCIAL committee (help with poster making, and any other social ideas like Pancake breakfast?).        

We separately need a DIVE coordinator to shadow Terri this year.     The coordinator is responsible for overseeing Diving including coaching & meets.     Optionally, this is a seat on the club Board as well.

Watch for info coming about Swim Offficials and Dive judges.   We'll be posting about training for those that can help us in our meets.    If you are CURRENTLY an official, please plan to help in that way.    But with training, ANYONE can be an official!

Meets are already posted on another NEWS tab.   We'll have dual meets on Thursdays staring June 10 for 5 weeks. The first 2 and last one will be at HOME.    Minis swim in Home meets.

I've posted info on Team suits - Look under the EVENTS tab.      You can get free shipping by a certain date.    We didn't plan for 'fitting' because of COVID, but they are about 15 min away, it's easy to get there.   Swimville is our supplier.      The suits are NEW this year because of our new logo, but previous suits are fine.

I'll be sending out info for ordering at team Tshirt for $12 each.    I'll try to send that info out early so we have them for our meets - it will be posted under EVENT and I'll send out Email.

The club will be hosting an open house on Thursday 5/27 at 6pm.  We'll have coaches/committee people there to help answer questions and get introduced.

For SWIM: Starting June 7, we'll want you to sign up for meets by noon on the TUESDAY before that Thursday to be considered for relays.    Wednesday would be the latest, otherwise, we'll just write you in.     Signing up OR DECLINING helps us tremendously.     I know it's easy to forget - I try to send a message Just to people that haven't signed up as a reminder each week.

For DIVE - you just show up at warmups to compete.

Usually meet start time is 4 for Dive and 6:30 for swim with warmups before.

This year, we plan to swim the 8&Under relays with the IMs so people with little ones only can leave.        

For meets, we expect EVERYONE to help.    Most of the positions for swim are 1/2 the meet.    One parent from each household will make for light work and a fast running meet.   Dive needs less positions but still needs help.    If you have 8&Under only child, please sign up early so you get first half if you intend to leave when your swimmer is finished.    More about signups will come later.

For some of you, I have been in conversations regarding younger swimmers.       I'm in the process of updating registrations.     If you want to check your child's roster placement, log into the website, and click on My account.

       Then click on MEMBER.        The designations are as follows: Roster = 'Swim Team' or 'Minis'.     Location - 'Dive' (for dive team) or 'NO Dive' if swim only.

YOU CAN ALSO ADD YOUR CHILD''S PICTURE to their member page to get the coaches get to know your child.   Headshots work best since the coaches might be looking from their phones.

Thanks for reading until the end!