LCSC Coho Update 21 May 2021

LCSC Coho Update      21 May 2021

Schedule Update
Dry Land Training   for SR/Platinum expands to Monday through Thursday effective May 10.  Gold groups on Monday and Wednesday only:
SR/Platinum Dry Land: 5:10-6:00 p.m.
Gold Dry Land: 4:00-4:45 p.m.
Dry Land Training is an optional opportunity, and coaches will expand the opportunity as much as possible.  Equipment needed for both groups: training shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt; jump rope.  SR/Platinum group also requires an appropriate weight medicine ball.
Week of May 17: All practices as scheduled, Monday-Friday.  
Saturday practice canceled due to swim meet at Brighton HS.
Week of May 24: All practices as scheduled, Monday-Friday.  
No practices Saturday-Monday (May 29-31) as we celebrate Memorial Day weekend. 
Week of May 31: All practices as scheduled Tuesday-Saturday.
Week of June 7: All practices as scheduled Monday-Friday.  
No practice Saturday due to PWCW IMX Challenge Meet.
Week of June 14: All practices as scheduled.  Session 4 begins June 21.

Coho Racing Update
May 22-23: Dual meet at Brighton HS.  
Details are finalized for this late May racing opportunity with the Brighton Aquatics team. Initial entries have been sent in, and there is room in the meet for all Coho swimmers interested but not yet signed up.  Contact Coach Vince for any questions or interest in this weekend’s meet.
June 11-13: PWCW IMX Challenge Meet at EMU.  Information is posted and the sign-up deadline has passed.  We will send the initial entry on Saturday morning and hope that we are accepted into this long-course meet.
June 18: Central Zone Open Water Championship at Pleasant Prairie, WI: Information for this event is available on the Michigan Swimming website.  Interested swimmers may sign up through the MI Swimming website as this is considered a Team Michigan event.
June 20: “Irene’s Dream Swim” HVP Open Water event: We are still waiting on specifics for this open water event in our backyard.  Mark the date on the calendar, and we’ll send info as soon as it becomes available.
June 25-27: Travel meet at Kalamazoo.  Initial entries are due by Friday, May 22.  This meet is a great choice for swimmers ready to race for fun and times.  No awards/ribbons at this event, so you really are swimming for fun and fast times!  (Coach Vince’s team in Kalamazoo hosted this meet from 1995-2011…he’s looking to bring some tough Coho swimmers to his home pool for 22 years)
July 16-18: Michigan Swimming State Meet for 12 & Unders: No details are yet available on location and timeline. Stay tuned for details.
July 22-25: Michigan Swimming State Meet for 13 & Overs:  No details are yet available on location and timeline.  Stay tuned for details.

LCSC Training Equipment Reminder
     Coho swimmers are expected to have their own equipment as outlined in our last few updates.  With all groups using the same or similar equipment, it is important that each athlete clearly mark their kickboard, fins, snorkel, and paddles with their name and/or bright design so that it is easy to identify in a pile of similar objects.
     We have several swimmers missing their kickboards or fins because they were picked up at the end of practice by a teammate.  Swimmers are reminded to double-check equipment as they pick it up at the end of practice.

Billing Information
A reminder that fees for May and the remainder of Session 3 will be billed on June 1.  For Session 4, billing will return to advance payments.  Silicone caps and meet fees for this weekend’s meet will also be included on June 1 billing.

What to Expect as LCSC Continues to Practice
As we head into summer, MDHHS is modifying the Covid-19 safety orders.  We will keep you informed with changes to our procedures.   

1. Please continue to stay safe and stay home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.   
LCSC is following the recommendations of Wayne County’s “Return to School Roadmap”:
2. Wear your mask and social distance at all times when in the Rec Center.  This includes dry land training, waiting behind the blocks to enter the pool, and using the restrooms.  
3. Maintaining safe distance in the water, while resting and/or receiving instruction.  
Please be aware of social distancing while the water while resting and receiving instructions.  
4. Direct instruction and practice time to correctly perform basic and advanced racing skills.  In swimming, the combination of excellent instruction and time to fine-tune those skills is the path to success.  Coho coaches are well prepared daily to offer excellent instruction, and our Board of Directors have been tenacious in providing pool time so that our young swimmers have the best opportunities to be successful Coho swimmers.

Thank you for keeping all Cohoes safe!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches