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May 18 Updates

Hi Goodman Families – It is almost swim and dive season!!! 27 days to be exact!

1. May Board Meeting Thursday, May 20th from 7-9pm via zoom. All are welcome and encouraged to join us. Please respond to this email and we'll forward you the link to our meeting. 5/20/21 agenda 
2. Summer Season 2021: 
  • Practices
    • The season is rapidly approaching, 1st practice is June 14th!!!! We are still working on solidifying our practice schedule and will be in touch shortly.
  • Dual Meets
    • We have a   full schedule of dual meets. You may receive reminders to sign up prior to our season starting. Let us know if you have any questions. We encourage everyone to attend swim & dive meets, especially our home meets. It's a great way to gauge improvement and they are tons of fun! 
    • We are preparing our Dual Meet Safety guidelines and will share with you once they are formalized. 
    • Each All-City Pool will be preparing similar guidelines for their pools which will be shared with the visiting team prior to each meet so we will know what to expect at each location. They will be posted on the All City website and our website.  
  • All-City Championship Meets
    • The All-City board continues to plan this year’s end of season event. Currently the plans include decentralizing the Championship meets. Swim Preliminary age group events will be hosted at 5 different pools with Finals hosted at one pool. Goodman will host one of the prelim meets. Dive will be held at two separate pools. More info forthcoming.
  • Registration
    • Reminder, registration closes May 24th!
  • Apparel
    • Apparel orders closed on May 16 but if you missed out, please let us know. If there's enough interest, we can look into a second order. Suits are still available at Simply Swimming but are in low inventory. Never fear, Simply Swimming will find a suit that works for the whole season. 
We hope to see you at our May meeting! 
See you on the pool deck,
Bill Blank
President, Friends of Goodman Waves