Mask Guidelines

Marlins Families,

As we prepare for the meet tomorrow, I wanted to take this opportunity to

discuss protocols for face masks and social distancing.  Currently California

has been easing up on many of the restrictions in regards to COVID-19

measures which has led to confusion on what we are doing as a team. 

Hopefully this email will clear it up what the requirements are and why we

need to follow them.

           -All adults should wear a mask while on Rosemont High School property

           -Swimmers should wear a mask during warm up and then remove the mask

             when ready to enter the pool

           -Social distancing is encouraged while on property

As part of our rental agreement with Sacramento City Unified School

District to rent the pool facilities at Rosemont, we are required to wear face

masks and encourage social distancing while on their property.  Failure to

comply with these terms can result in losing the pool rental which would

effectively put our season on hold until we are able to transition to the pool

the Cordova Community Pool when it is ready in 4-6 weeks. As a

governmental organization, Cordova Recreation & Park District is held to

a higher standard and is expected to take measures to ensure that all

programs go above and beyond any and all guidelines recommended

by the Sacramento County Health Department.

When evaluating guidelines, CRPD also must take into consideration

the size of the program. Currently we have 130 swimmers enrolled in our

program.  Even if we only have one family member accompany a swimmer

to practice or a meet, we would have approximately 260 people at

Rosemont.  A group of this size, even outdoors, must comply to additional

guidelines. CRPD has also reminded their staff of the importance of these


Please let us know if you have any questions.