Meet reminders

Marlin Families

A couple reminders for tomorrow…


In order for the meet to start on time and run smoothly, we need all

swimmers to check in by their designated times. Swimmers not checked

in by 7:00 risk being scratched (removed from the meet). If you are coming

but running late, you should call Sophia at (916) 213-8559

Swimmers 13-18- Check in by 6:45

Swimmers  4-12- Check in by 7:00


Volunteers for all shifts should check with the volunteer coordinator Erin

Seymour upon arrival. She will most likely be stationed near the coaches

check in area.  Just look for a Blue and Yellow striped hat. We need

volunteers to make the meet run smoothly and efficiently.  It is our hope

that the meet will runs faster than expected.  If this happens, we would

like to switch shifts earlier than the times on the sign up sheets (after the

conclusion of backstroke).  Please let Erin know when you check in if you

will be available to do that. 

Cancelling for a meet

If you have signed up for the meet and something comes up or you have

changed your mind, please let us know as early as possible.  Here’s how…

Day before the meet at 9pm – Send email to [email protected]

 [email protected], and [email protected]

Day of meet, call or text (916) 213-8559 AND (916) 792-7462


Timer and Stroke and Turn Meetings

Prior to the start of the meet, we will hold a timer meeting and also a stroke

and turn meeting.  This meeting is for BOTH shifts of timers. Please listen

for the announcement for a briefing on what to do.


Ready Bench and Spectator Area

This season, we will not have age Group parents but will use a two ready

benches.  Your swimmers will be briefed in the morning.  There will be a

ready bench outside the pool deck and one inside.  They should be masked

and you may accompany your swimmer until they move to the ready

benches on the pool deck.  As they move to the ready benches on the

pool deck, they will no longer need to be masked. If you wish, you may

watch your swimmers race from the spectator area.  All adults must wear

a mask near the ready benches and in the spectator area. We ask that you

are only on deck during the time needed to watch your swimmer’s race and

meet up with them after the race.  Please exit the pool deck using the gate

you usually use during practice.

Other Reminders

We will be selling our Marlins Teamwear in the area designated on the

map.  We are hoping to be able to take cash, check, or charge.  Team

store will open once set up until between 10-11.

You may set up anywhere outside the fenced area of the pool deck.  We

ask that you do NOT set up tents directly against the fence behind the

starter blocks as we would like to have that area open for families who

would like to view the start of the race.  We also plan to have information

posted there.

Please keep in mind that we will not be serving food during meet so make

sure you bring plenty of food, water, and sunscreen. 

We still have a handful of families that have not turned in their Swimmer

information form and/or volunteer deposit.  If you are one of these families,

tomorrow will be the perfect time to bring it.