Blue and Gold Results

Marlin families,

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Blue and

gold meet as much as I did.  It was great to

see all our swimmers racing again! I was very

proud of how everyone did, especially after

only three weeks of practice. 


I want to say thank you to all the volunteers

who made the meet happen and an especially

big thanks to the volunteers who went

over and above by working shifts for the



We have opened the meets for Swimmer commitment

and Volunteer positions for the next 3 meets.  Please

take time to let us know if your swimmer will be at

these meets. We need you to commit or decline by

the Monday prior to the meet.  For example, for the

meet on June 5, the deadline to sign up your swimmer

is Monday May 31 at 9pm.  This allows the coaches to

send our meet entries to the other team so they can

add theirs and prepare the meet files. 

For volunteering, please sign up as early as possible

but the deadline is Thursday before the meet.


As we mentioned in a previous email, Blue is Gold

serves as a time trials and as a training meet. Now

that Blue and Gold is completed, the coaches and

the parent board will be reviewing volunteer

positions and swimmer results to make adjustments

for the next meet.


And speaking of results from Blue and Gold, they

are posted on the team website under the “2021 results”

tab.  Just Click on Blue and Gold to view all

times for the entire meet.  Results will be posted

on this tab after every meet.  Our target is to post

by Sunday night but until we have out first

virtual meet, we do not know how long it will

take to combine the scores from both teams so

please be patient.  I am including a link

below to explain how to read the results


Please note, if you see “DQ” instead of a

time, this means the swimmer was Disqualified (DQ’d).

For each stroke, there are different things that

result in a DQ.  There will be a more detailed

email explaining this process sent in the next

few days.  Please remember that DQ’s actually

serve as a tool to identify areas that need work.

coaches are reviewing the DQ’s and will be

working with the swimmers on fixing these. 

There is two weeks before the next swim meet

so there is plenty of time to work on these.


Carol Kraus

Parent Board President