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Team Email 5/25/21

Team Email 5/21/21

1) Website Calendar.

We have been talking with Team Unify regarding our schedule populating correctly on the website on iOs devices. This is not just isolated to our program, but is a widespread issue for some iOs (Apple) personal devices. I've tested it today, and it works ok on my phone. To sync your phone calendar with the team calendar - click the iCal button on the top and it "should" work automatically or give you the option to select workouts. 

2) Summer Schedules
We understand there is some frustration with our practice schedule for the summer, specifically the Centennial, NTHS & Loyola schedules.
Centennial: On most days, we were offered 4 lanes 815-1015a; 8 lanes at 215-445p & 730-10p. We also are working with limited pool space which is important as we do not have any groups that are fully vaccinated and we need to be able to keep a safe environment. This schedule and access may change - as they gather data and evaluate pool space. 
Loyola: We only have morning time on weekdays but a large amount of pool time on the weekend at Loyola after June 14th. Athletes who have summer school can quickly shower and change and report to summer school. 
New Trier: We are still awaiting final approval to apply for pool time. The school has many renovations planned and best case, we will have some time after the formal school year is over. We do not yet know the status for access in the fall. 
The other question we get is how can we (as parents) help? Honestly, go with the flow. Athletes respond to parental leads. If we accept and appreciate that we got time in the first place - and work together to make those workouts happen and be successful - then we all win. We are aware of the issues - and are working daily to compromise with facilities to make things work for everyone in our community - it's not always immeadiate, but we're working on it! 
We're back to normal, why are fees still high? We are actually over budget by almost $100,000 (over $300k total) in pool rent for the year alone and we still have two months to go. We probably won't be back to normal (running two groups of 24 or more at an indoor pool for 90 minutes) for a long time, so operational costs are going to continue to be high for the foreseeable future as we have to purchase more time to accomodate all of the groups. We are not looking to raise fees in the fall. 

3) Vaccine Q&A
Please visit the Vaccine heading under the Covid-19 menu for all information on Vaccines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

4) Competitions
Competitions are created and approved by facilities at this point in time on VERY short notice. Please make sure to commit to participation as soon as possible. These are the best opportunity to race against other teams in a safe environment and on a short timeline (usually around 2-2.5 hours start to finish).  Participation in all days of these meets is not required but strongly encouraged. Visit the Event tab on the front page to commit.
Open non-NTA Events currently available:
LFSC meet - June 5-6 - (6/8/9/JR/JA/SR/SA) - has been reopened, but will close tonight. Contact your lead coach to sign up or commit online. We strongly recommend all eligible athletes attend at least one session.
HSC meet - June 25-27 (7/10/JP/SP/SHP) - closes Friday. 
More information on the Northshore Regional meet (July 16-18) will be posted soon. There will be qualifying times. 


5) Deep Thought on Perspective.
It's very easy to feel things are better, and we have seen some release of restrictions - but it's also important to remember how just last year, things were very uncertain and scary for many members of our NTA family - whether  working through Covid illnesses or severe social anxiety. For many families in our community - there still is a significant amount of uncertainty and apprehension and respecting that everyone might not be in the same space is important. 

A year ago, we were just starting to think about returning to the pool and trying to negotiate our way through zoom dryland while social unrest was rampant in our global community. Our first workout in the water was June 13 at Lake Forest Club and only for 45 minutes. The full team didn't start to get into the pool at Centennial until June 23, 2020.

But there's actually an amazing piece through all of this - our team was able to navigate these difficulties and extreme obstacles and now, we're able to return to the competition pool with new fervor and appreciation for what we have been so fortunate in our team family. No Covid transmissions in our workout settings - over 10,000 hours of programming last year - one of the first teams in the water on June 13 and continuous programming ever since. It was not without frustration, but it's kind of amazing looking back at it now. 

I encourage everyone to take a moment today to reflect on where you were a year ago - look back through photos on the phone and remember life on May 24, 2020 and breath in the gratitude and strength that brought us all to this point.

And then - head to the pool for practice!