Swim Team News May 25, 2021


Swim Team News – May 25, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 season. We’re off to a great start!


Team Suits & Gear – Our team suit is provided by There is a “fit-kit” upstairs the clubhouse by the fireplace. Ask one of the coaches or a lifeguard to let you in upstairs if you would like to “try before you buy”!


We also have a team swag store within There are AC shirts, shorts, sweats, and hats available for purchase.


Goggles - There are lots of different style out there. The fun “beach” look, big snorkel masks, and of course the value-pack from Costco. While all of these will work to some extent, we do recommend goggles that are designed for diving and racing. Some of our more experienced use the Speedo Vanquisher series. They are near the top of the price range, but they do seem to be worth it. Look for them at local sporting goods stores,, and most other online retailers.


Personalized Caps -

We’ll be sending in an order for personalized (name on side) AC swim caps at the end of the month. You can choose between either silicone or latex. Look for an order form on our swim team page. This is a quick turn around - please return your form and $$ to the office by next Monday!



Workout Times & Adding Swims - 

More than three weeks of evening workouts remain. Look for a few small “tweaks” to some of our offerings, now that we know that makeup of our team. After everyone signs up for their initial workouts, starting Wednesday mornings swimmers may sign up for an additional reservation. You won’t need to wait for an email from me to do this!


Dual Meets -

The GSSSL (Greater Seattle Summer Swim League) has finalized our summer schedule. We’ll be swimming four dual meets, split by age, and running a modified “post-season”. Dates are listed on our swim team website and also under the main club Events & Meets section. As long as we don’t head back to phase 2, this schedule is a go. Right now the GSSSL is recommending that there be no spectators, except those parents who have signed up to help run the meet. (Thinking that we’ll have no trouble getting volunteers this year!) If our county moves to ‘Fully Open”, any remaining capacity restrictions will then be set by the host pool, not the league.It does seem as though everything is heading in this direction!


Time Trials –

June 5 (Saturday) – Time Trials I - 7:30-10:00am

    12U, 14U, Seniors

June 9 (Wednesday) – Time Trials II - 6:30-8:05pm

    8U, 10U

June 12 (Saturday) – Time Trials III - 7:30-10:00am

    12U, 14U, Seniors

June 15 (Tuesday) - Time Trials IV - 6:30-8:05pm

    8U, 10U

June 17 (Thursday) - Time Trials V - 6:30-8:30pm

    12U, 14U, Seniors


Please try and attend at least one of the Time Trials. We do like to have an initial time for your swimmer in all of the events.  Swimmers will have a chance to confirm online which dates and events they’re swimming during the meet declaration process.  Brand new swimmers are not required to do all of the strokes. Look for Time Trials registration to open next week.


Confirming Dual and Championship Meet Participation – You must register (or confirm) your swimmer for each meet that they will participate in. We started this a few years ago and it really does help to clarify athlete/meet attendance. Click on the “Events & Meets” button on our homepage, and then on each individual meet to declare your child’s participation.  Look for the “Edit Commitment” button at the top of the page. You can change this declaration up until a few days before the meet. Let me know if you have any trouble with this process.


Private Lessons – Let me know if your swimmer is interested in private lessons. I’ll forward your contact information on to our coaching/instructional staff.


Stroke and Turn Officials Needed - Interested in becoming a meet official? We’re always looking for new folks to join the ranks. Diane Wies has volunteered to mentor any interested parties. Please contact her with questions.


Email Addresses – If you want notices sent to a different email, or to additional addresses, please log into our website and make changes, or send a message back to me at  [email protected]. Also, if you know anybody that we’ve missed on this distribution list, please let us know.

If you have any other questions about our team please feel free to ask!


Thanks -

Coach Matt