We hope you all got to spend some time at the pool this past week. As rules are loosening up we are adding capacity on the weekends and are not requiring reservations for open swim on Mondays-Thursdays starting on June 1st.


As a reminder, we are asking our membership to help us remain compliant with the rules enabling us to open as much of the pool as we can.  Please take a minute to read this email in its entirety so you and your family understand the rules for this summer.




No guests are allowed at this time.  Exceptions will be made for childcare providers when parents are not available for lessons and swim team only.  A childcare provider such as a nanny, grandparent, family member or babysitter can bring your children to swim lessons or swim team.  For open and lap swim there are no guests allowed including the childcare providers listed above.  If you need child care assistance during lap and open swim please respond to this email and we can connect you with a member that is available for babysitting.  We are trying to reserve the spots available during lap and open swim for members. 



Per CDC guidelines: If you have been fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask while on the pool grounds with the exception when you enter the locker rooms.


Locker rooms will have very limited capacity.  Up to 6 people at one time so please use them quickly and sparingly so that others are not waiting.  Please keep children from taking lengthy showers at this time. Please wear your masks when in the locker room.


Floaties/Water wings of any type are not allowed at the pool. 


We are working on getting the wader up and running.  But please follow the social distancing guidelines posted at the wader and take turns using it.


If you use a table/chairs or a lawn chair we ask you to clean them and put them away when you are done using them.  Wipes and spray will be provided.


We are continuing to keep the BBQ’s, cabana, basketball and pickle ball courts closed right now but feel free to bring food down to the pool to enjoy lunch or dinner.


Signage and capacity limits will be posted throughout the facility, please be mindful and follow the guidelines.


Upper Deck can be used for sunbathing only and is limited to 15 years of age and older at this time.


If you don’t plan to swim you are welcome to come use the grounds during open swim at any time.





Lap swim will follow the same guidelines as last year, requiring a sign up ahead of time.  If you sign up and do not show for your time, you will be assessed a no-show fee.  This year, we can allow two people in the same lane from different families.  If you want to invite another member to swim with you in your lane, you can.  We will have 2 laps swims a day.  There will be one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  The 7:00pm lap swim will share the pool with open swim.  

Sign Ups can be made using this link:


PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE SPOT PER WEEK AHEAD OF TIME DUE TO LIMITED CAPACITY.  One spot equals one lane and can accommodate up to 3 family members at a time.  In addition to your one spot per week reserved ahead of time, you can sign up for additional spots if they are available day-of.  Day-of spots can be reserved starting at 6AM that day. Swimmers must be 12+ years old and/or must be able to pass the pool test.  If you can't make your scheduled reservation, please cancel.  If you fail to cancel and do not show up, you will be assessed a no-show fee.




Starting on June 1st we will not be requiring reservations for open swim Monday-Thursday.  


For the time being reservations will be required on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Each family member on the Membership can sign up for two spots a week ahead of time for open swim. If there are open spots day-of you can sign up for one more additional spot per week. The day-of spots can be signed up for no earlier than one hour before the open spot. The spots that you are signing up for are swimming spots. If a family of 5 is going to the pool and only two people are swimming you only need to sign up for two spots. (For example: Mom and Dad take 3 kids to pool, but Mom and Dad will not be swimming, only lounging, only sign up for 3 swim spots.)  All will be welcome, but we are limited to only 50 swimmers in the pool at one time. The sessions will be open for two hours. The first 45 minutes will be your swim time. The other hour and 15 minutes can be used to stay and enjoy the grounds.  (When you sign up, you swim for the first 45 minutes, then you must exit the pool,  but can continue to hang out for the remainder of your 2 hour time slot if you choose.). The 15 minute gap between sessions gives the guards time to sanitize surfaces, sell snacks and check the next group of people in.


Use this link to sign up for open swim:




Snacks/Drinks and Ice cream will be available for sale.  All drinks and ice cream will be $1.  Snacks and popsicles will be .50 cents. 


The Swim Lesson program is still being developed and depends on what phase we are in.  Swim lessons will only be offered for Members/Associate Grandkids this year.  When we open lessons, you will need to sign up weekly, regardless of lesson type.  Lessons will be offered Monday-Friday for 25-minute lessons for $25.  We anticipate lessons starting the week of June 21  for Levels 4, 5 and Stroke Improvement.  If the state opens up by the end of June we will offer lessons to all age groups starting on July 5th.


Private lessons are currently being offered.  They will cost $15 per 25-minute lesson, depending upon availability.  If you are interested in private lessons please let us know and we can connect you with one of our instructors.  They can be taught anytime during an open swim session.  Private lessons will be coordinated between the instructor and the member.  All payments for Private Lessons must be paid through the pool.


2021 NPSC POOL SCHEDULE:  *Please note:  Schedule is subject to change at any time.

June 1 – June 16th

Saturday and Sundays

11 - 11:45am Lap Swim (By sign-ups only)

12 - 8:00pm OPEN Swim (By sign-ups only) 2 hour blocks-45 minute swim/ 75 minute grounds

7 – 7:45pm Lap Swim shared with the 7:00 Open Swim (3 lanes for lap swim)


Monday through Friday


2 - 2:45pm Lap Swim (By sign-ups only)

3 - 5:00pm Swim Team (See Swim Team Schedule for age group times)

5 - 8:00pm (by sign-ups only) 2 hour blocks-45 minute swim/75 minute grounds use

7 – 7:45pm Lap Swim shared with the 7:00 Open Swim (3 lanes for lap swim)


Lap Swim Sign Ups:

Open Swim Sign-Ups:


Please email us with any questions you have.   We hope you have a chance to enjoy the pool over the holiday weekend. It looks like the weather will be great.


Thank you, 


The NPSC Board