PDST June News-Monthly schedule, volunteer jobs, meet info

Dear PDST members,

Below is the news for the coming meet and month.

1.monthly schedule

I've updated the training schedule on the website monthly schedule bar. Please click the link to get the info:

The Yellow highlights are the updates from the previous schedule. 


2.Dryland schedule & instruction

Please do ask your swimmers to attend the dryland which is part of the PDST training activates, especially for the Senior group, HSG group, Adv, and Reg. Below is the sharing link with all schedule and video demos:


You can find the link on the PDST monthly schedule page as well. Below is the zoom invitation info:

Title: PDST Zoom meeting


ID: 718 681 380

Code: pdst2020


3. Volunteer jobs(MW & JCC)

The volunteer jobs at MW & JCC have been posted on the website, please click the link to sign it up.





4. Meet info

The June meet info including volunteer jobs will update soon on the PDST website.


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDST