Summer Invite
The spirit of the June 19-20 SCS  Summer Invite is to offer a multi-team meet to the heart of our grass roots age group athlete base who historically has competed on this weekend against swimmers from throughout the LSC. We have relaxed the time standards recognizing that some athletes have not had the opportunity over the past year to compete within their respective current age group.
This meet is not intended for swimmers who have not competed before. This meet aims to provide a competitive outlet, from a training and developmental perspective, for those who have competed in the past but have not had that opportunity to do so over the past year due to circumstances beyond their control.
We are relying upon the Coaches to protect the integrity of the meet by entering the appropriate level of athlete, who will by design have the opportunity to get multiple times per session into the database for future meets, and continue the process of developing their racing skills.
Thank you,
Nicole Hendry
Office Manager