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June 2021


Paseo Aquatics is proud to re-introduce our monthly NEWS & NOTES newsletter—a collection of team information, coaching insights and swimmer shout-outs that we have used over the years to bond our club in newsworthy fashion. Enjoy for your own reading pleasure, or share and engage with your swim family. The content is fun and free.

It’s been a long year. A very long year. And as much as we want the Covid-19 ordeal to be a permanently vanishing image in our rearview mirror, it continues to linger in far reaching ways. Many sports were forced to cease competition or drastically alter the means by which they operate. Swimming was not excluded from this list. 

Numerous USA-Sanctioned clubs elected to shut down—some permanently. Others suspended operation for the year, only now choosing to warily and with considerable uncertainty creep back into the water. Major Division l programs (i.e. Michigan State and Iowa) were forced to cut their swim teams. Petitions and countries calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games still persist, while swim meets, on-deck dryland training, 6 day-a-week practice sessions remain non-existent in select regions. 

Paseo Aquatics was not spared fallout from the pandemic either. To this day, pool space remains a competitive chess match and swim meets continue to involve planning of the highest order. Swimmers, themselves, battled motivational issues as competitions vanished from the calendar, time standards were virtually eliminated and training became a staggered regimen at best. To say the 2020/21 swim season was “abnormal” was to make the understatement of the double-decade. 

Through it all, however, Paseo Aquatics managed to stand strong. Thanks largely to the undying support and generosity of its family base, our swim club weathered the worst of the pandemic storm. We educated ourselves and learned to co-exist with the virus. Ironically, for all its negative impact and troubling inconvenience, Covid-19 actually unveiled methods to run the sport more efficiently, providing unique opportunities for swimmers that included:

  • Smaller group practices resulting in more privatized instruction.
  • Greater communication among LSCs and area teams.
  • Alternative at-home training methods such as Yoga and Pilates.
  • Virtual swim meets.

At the end of the day, the goal remains to one day rediscover a sense of normalcy-- albeit a new normal-- and Paseo Aquatics has fully armed itself to take that leap. Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month we are emerging from the darkness—and with respect to swimming, things have never looked brighter than they have over the past 365 days.

Welcome back, Paseo family!

Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics

Congratulations Paseo Aquatics 2021 Seniors

Congratulations to our Seniors!  Jacob Aina, Michael Andrizzi, Joshua Galvez, David Kugler, Alyssa Hamilton, River Maners, Tyler O’Kane, Ayden Reading, Arin Rothschild, and Elijah Rothschild

2021 Goal Setting

If your swimmer hasn’t already met with their coach about their 2021 summer goals, they will be shortly.  This is a calendar as well as seasonal “Come to Jesus” meeting where the coaches and athletes set training and competitive goals.  We encourage swimmers to share, though they are not required to, as for some, talking about their goals can either push them to obtain them more OR cause more anxiety than they need.  So, if your swimmer shares, support them and if they don’t share, don’t force them, just support them. 

Monthly Milestones

Discovery & Junior 1:

With the month of May coming to an end there are so many accomplishments that we must acknowledge and I’m so proud to talk about it!

In our discovery group, little Sammy Guthrie has joined coming straight from lessons being a shy little one who barely spoke, to being really open and even though I only require them to swim one lap, swims 2 laps, no problem. It is the biggest accomplishment I can say she has achieved and I’m so happy to see her happy. 

While in our Junior 1 group, one of our young swimmers who has been swimming for over 2 years who has been a moderate swimmer and working on his strokes everyday, hit a very impressive milestone when he shocked Coach Bre and Coach Damien. While doing his weekly time trial, he went from a minute and barely showing interest to hitting a 45 in his 50 free, it was his most amazing accomplishment! I’m so proud of Austin Graf and all this catching up to his brother KJ!  I’m so proud of our swimmers, their feats and hope to see them keep striving.


REMINDER! Effective JANUARY 2020, the HAMMERHEAD SWIM CAPS will be mandatory for ALL DISCOVERY, JUNIOR l and JUNIOR ll swimmers during practice.

70% of head injuries with respect to swimming occur during crowded warm-up lanes and swim practices. Though we cannot remove the potential for accidents—we can minimize the risk of significant head injuries. Hammerhead swim caps provide a shock-absorbing layer of padding for additional protection. 

The mandatory requirement of outfitting our youngest swimmers with the Hammerhead cap will ensure this measure is taken.

If you are in need of the Hammerhead Swim Cap(s), please email [email protected].   Families will be billed accordingly on their Paseo Aquatics team account.

Junior 2: 

Junior 2 has had some amazing accomplishments in this last month and I am so proud of all of them! Both our seasoned swimmers and our new-comers have been making big strides. We have been focusing hard on butterfly and freestyle this month with a lot of drills targeting control over our body. It is important that every motion we make in the water has a reason. Some of our swimmers have had amazing success with understanding this and putting that into practice. 

I want to congratulate one of our fine 8 year-old swimmers for getting a 44.73 in her 50 butterfly race with a 3 second drop in Utah earlier this month. Wow, congrats Serenity Bartlett! Junior 2 will continue working hard because Aristotle once said, “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is not an act but a habit.” 

-Coach Bre

Champs 1:

What a year!  That sums up just about everyone's thoughts in 3 words.  However, during the craziest year in the history of my 60 year life, so many good things have happened for our swimmers that it will take a few months of milestones to catch everyone up.

In the 60 second version, every swimmer in Champs1 that actually went to a meet, improved their times from pre-pandemic meets and times.  We had a handful of kids go from entry-level to Nat. BB and A time standards.  We had Payton Bartlett break a long standing 9-10 boys 100 yd butterfly record, with a time of 1:15.77 right behind him also breaking the old record was Jack Elliott. Congratulations to those two boys!  

Swimming in their first meet in over 15 months at the Daland Pool, Noah & Aiden Lee made waste of all their old times.  Welcome back, boys!  Allison Lohman, Kaya Novack both posted amazing times in the 50 Back and 100 Free, along with the 50 free.  Sean Saifi improved every event he swam in 2021, the 50 free, 100 free, 500 free, 100 Breast, 50 Back and 50 Fly.  I think every time was smashed this past month.  Zachary Kuhn destroyed his old times in the 200 IM, 100 IM, 100 Fly, 50 Fly, 100 Breast, 50 Breast, 100 Back, 100 Free, 50 Free.  

So, despite the almost 5 months out of the water and then 1 in a lane for over 3 months, these kids have all managed to move forward in their pursuit of excellence. 

Just a few more names of kids to watch this season:  Jaden Alajarin, Victoria Vasquez, Savannah Yanez, Brianna Shannon, Josiah Lee, Nicolas Delgado, and Jacob Cook.  All of these kids are on the verge of Nat. BB and higher standards.  Some have already made them and are still improving this season.

I just cannot say enough about the Champs 1 group this year.  Moving up from Jr-2 or Advanced this group has become a force in our younger ranks.   

I must also mention the only 2 kids that left the group this past season, Victoria Heiney, and Tobin Carpenter, the only two swimmers that moved from Champs1 to Champs 2 this season.  Congratulations to them as well.

I am so proud of all of these kids and look forward to what is coming next.

Coach JIm Owens

Champs 2: 

Champs 2 had an amazing month! Between the four meets we had, the Champs 2 grouphad many swimmers excel in the pool and demolish their previous times! Great swimswere seen from everyone, most notably from Nadine Fernando and Tobin Carpenter who demolished the previous times left and right with Nadine going under a 1:00 in the 100 yard freestyle! Everyone has been working hard in practice and the results have really shown in the meets. 

Other amazing swims include Justin Hamilton dropping 4 seconds in his 100 yard Freestyle;  Jaquelyn Bezanilla dropping over 2 seconds in her 100 yard freestyle; Josiah Cerrera going under 30 seconds in the 50 yard freestyle and dropping just over 3 seconds in his 50 yard breaststroke; Tori Heiney dropping a massive 13 seconds in her 200 yard freestyle and 29 seconds in the 500 yard freestyle; Emma Piltzer dropping over 7 seconds in the 100 yard butterfly, Zach Reimbold dropping 2.5 seconds in the 100 yardbutterfly; Tyler Stiles dropping over 2 seconds in the 100 breaststroke;  Hannah Aina dropping over 4 seconds in the 200 yard freestyle; Gracie Brooke dropping almost 3 seconds in the 100 yard freestyle; Angie Fontaine dropping a massive 38.5 seconds in the 500 yard freestyle; Leyla Saifi dropping 5.5 seconds in the 100 yard breaststroke and Jeanna Cerrera dropping over 11 seconds in the 100 meter freestyle.

With the announcement of the 2021 Summer Invite, Champs 2 has 8 swimmers currently qualified including: Hannah Aina, Tobin Carpenter, Jeanna Cerrera, Josiah Cerrera, Nadine Fernando, Emma Piltzer, Zach Reimbold, and Tyler Stiles. I am looking forward to seeing how the group continues to progress! I am so proud of all of the hard work everyone is putting in =



I need to start out by saying the Bronze group has had more Coaches this past season than in the life of the group.  I think every Coach on this team has had a few days with Bronze.  I must first thank them for working so hard this past year to become a viable group of 14 year olds and up. Most of these kids all swim for their local High School and had some amazing results with almost every swimmer in the group posting lifetime best results.  

A special congratulations to Brooke Harnish 200 yd Free, Jake Larochelle (two relays), Bella Woodword100 Yd Back, all swimming in the CIF Championships this weekend.  I must also congratulate Hunter Habeger, Sabastion Garcia, Bella Carranza, Lexi Kranian, Samantha Oakley, Vivian Ochoa, Emily Ryken, Joely smith, Joshua Galvez & Addie Seegmiller.  Along with the athletes mentioned going to CIF, all of these kids had improvements this year in both the Age Group Time trials we ran and with their respective high schools.  

This is a group I cannot say in words how proud I am of them for sticking it out with Paseo Aquatics, and putting in the time it took for them to improve this year in all areas of growth and development with their swimming careers.  I think coaching this group has also pushed me to try harder as a coach from days gone by, to move into the 21st century of working with the athletes; to use more technology; to once again relate to the high school and secondary school thought processes.

After spending my first 2.5 years working with the younger kids, it was time to move back to the levels I used to coach in the past.  They have challenged me to stay on my toes.  I can say, I think I benefitted more from them this past season than they did from me.  I forgot what it was like to work with teens after being out of USA Swimming for a few years and then coaching all the young kids for a few years.  

I am feeling like a very proud coach at this time!

Thank you, Bronze Group!.

Coach Jim Owens 



Despite the lack of opportunity for the younger swimmers, Silver really stepped up to the plate!  They made every meet count and showcased how talented and dedicated they are.  It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly, as we had so many best times from January through now.  However, I would like to give a shout out to my group as a whole as we reached 10 out of our 15 group time goals for this season.  We finished up our short course season with 90+ overall best times!

Our girls started with a 28.60 50 Free group average and finished the season with a 27.81!  This is a HUGE feat!  And the one I am most proud of is the 100 Free group average, sliding from 1:04 to a 1:01.32!

Our boys started with a 27.1 50 Free group and ended with a 26.2!  Our 100 Back started the season at a 1:12 and fell to a 1:08.77!

These goals are HUGE for us as we are teaching these athletes the success of one within a team effort.  Every single individual has a hand in the success of others.

Notable Swims: 

  • Dean Bezanilla dropped a 1:02.76 in the 100m Free, besting his previous time by over 9 seconds!
  • Bret Bezanilla swam a 4:58.57 in the 400m Free and also completed his first 200m Fly!
  • Tori Yamamura had a great Canyons Memorial Meet, making finals in 3 or her 7 races as one of the youngest swimmers in the Sr. session!  She also crushed her prelims 100m Fly time of 1:17.05 with a blazing 1:14.78.
  • Allison Chen had an amazing weekend as well, finishing in the Top 10 in all her races and Top 3 in the 100m Fly with a time of 1:16.27 (3rd) and the 50m Free with a time of 30.66 (2nd) in the 11-12 age group.
  • Ella Kim qualified for her first finals in the 200 yd backstroke in Utah at the Red Cliff Invite meet with a time of 2:24.2.
  • Patrick Done swam a lifetime best in the 100 yd Breaststroke with a time of 1:07.45 Foothill League Championships, finishing 10th overall!
  • Bella Janka won the consolation finals in the 100 yd Fly with a time of 1:03.06 at Foothill League Championships

I can’t say enough how proud I am of my swimmers as they go through tough practice after tough practice on a day in and day out basis.  I am so happy for them that they are rewarded with success to validate their hard work and dedication.


Sr. 1:  

I am proud of all the Sr.1 swimmers!  We had 18 lifetime best swims at Foothill League Championships and 7 CIF Finals qualifiers (Sydney Zancanaro D1, Anika St. Maria D4, Sebastian Petho D2, Emily Drossel, D3, Nicolas Rainbird D4 (alt.), Alex Bell D1 and Delaney Cowan D4).

Notable Swims:

  • Alex Bell put together an amazing swim going 56.83 in the 100 Fly, achieving her long- time goal of making her Futures Cut and ALSO breaking the Paseo Aquatics Open Record!
  • Sebastian Petho broke his HS record in the 500 Free with a time of 4:45.83 (previous record was 4:49.44)!
  • Anastasia Kellum finished 3rd overall in the 100 Breaststroke at Foothill League Championships with a time of 1:08.58 earning her one of the Top 10 fastest times in Hart High School Swimming history!
  • Delaney Cowan and Anika Sta. Maria clinched Castaic High School’s first ever CIF berth in school history!
  • Sebastian Villalobos finished 3rd overall in the 500 Free with a  time of 4:57.68, crushing his previous time of 5:24.49!
  • Adam Meldrum also finished 3rd overall in the 100 Fly with a time of 54.20, earning him the top flyer spot in Sr. 1!
  • Sydney Zancanaro swam a PB in her 50 Free with a 24.14, just .05 shy of her Futures Cut
  • Olivia Boylan (25.63), Ashlyn Walters (25.95) and Samyra Benoit (25.61) all broke into the 25s club in the 50 Free


On the Performance Side

The last few months has been a whirlwind of events for the Senior 2 athletes. We competed at Sectionals in Utah where both Cam Snowden and Alyssa Hamilton achieved their Future Cuts. Thomas Hadji and Luke Bezanilla have both rewritten the record book in the 15-16 age group. Thomas took down the 50, 100 free, the 100, 200 backstroke and 100 fly while Luke lowered the 100, 200 Breast.

Most recently at Leagues River Maners posted a PB in the 100 free while Ayden Reading clocked in his best times in the 50 and 100 free.  Luke Bezanilla drops a 1:55 200IM while Michael Andrizzi pops a 57.24 100 Breaststroke. Andy Park had some very nice standout swims as well. Coming back from a lengthy set back was Bryant Lee when he ripped a 54 100 fly! His perseverance and hard work at practice finally pay off. 

CIF Notables

Jacob Aina threw down a 48.79 100 Fly to win CIF Gold and Cam Snowden dropped a 51.75 100 freestyle lowering her PB by over a half a second.

The Daily Grind

Let’s talk about training. The entire group has come so far these last few months. Their dedication to waking every morning at 4:30 am to be at practice at 5:30 has been amazing to watch. We have put a lot of dedication into proper bodyline and leverage points for the catch phase. We have been working on keeping very long and holding as much water as possible in this process. We talk a lot about creating shapes with our bodies and recognize with shape there is no speed.

On the fun side we have taken the last 2.5 weeks to really work on racing starts. Athletes always love starts! 



Community Outreach

As our community slowly gets back to “normal” we are looking forward to reaching out and lending a Paseo Aquatics hand to those in need.  Look for opportunities in our upcoming monthly News and Notes!


“The sport of swimming is comprised of two different distinct set of skills – technical skills and mental skills.  As a swimmer, you simply cannot succeed without both of these working together in harmony.”


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This issue taps into a SwimSwam article dedicated to understanding time drops, when and when not to expect them.  After basically a year plus lost of competition and regular routines in the pool, it is unrealistic to expect much from the last COVID year.    Our swimmers will get back into their routines, competitions and lifestyles and will continue to gain traction as we return to “normal.”

Please click on the below!

Why Isn't My Swimmer Dropping Time? - SwimSwam › isnt-swimmer-dropping-time


Please look for some great tips from some of our coaches in next month’s News and Notes!

June 2021 Meets (Please note these are as of May 31st, please visit website frequently, as clubs are adding meets consistently as LA County continues to open up)


Daland SCY Meet

Sunday, June 13th

Thousand Oaks High School

2323 N Moorpark Road

Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Groups:  All Groups are welcome to register for this one-day meet


SCS Summer Invite (still in planning mode by SCS)

Saturday, June 19th – Sunday June 20th

Location TBD

Groups: Qualified Times Swimmers – standards to follow



Saturday, June 25th – Sunday, June 26th

Flying Fish Swim Team (AZ)

23 W Calle Concordia

Oro Valley, AZ  85704

Groups: Juniors 2 through Bronze 


Dolfin Fran Crippen Swim Meet of Champions 

Friday June 24th – Sunday, June 26th  

Marguerite Aquatics Complex
27474 Casta Del Sol
Mission Viejo, CA 92692 

Groups: This is a high-performance meet, with qualifying standards Futures Cuts and higher (Sr1 & Sr2 qualifying athletes)