How to know when the time is right to let your swimmer compete?
I have had several great questions about knowing when is the right time to allow your swimmer to compete.  I recently shared my thoughts with one of our families.  Now, I am going to share with all of you.
How do you know when your swimmer is ready to compete....
The summer swim season is geared towards the swimmer to try new things.  The NGSL Splash and NGSL Invitational Swim Meets are part of that process.  What’s more more fun than finally getting to run around with your friends, swim an event, run around again, repeat?  The free dual meets are fun but so are the other NGSL meets.  
The past year has taught me not to put things on hold.  If Your swimmer wants to compete, go for it!  You might just light a fire that will take him/her to the Olympic trials. ..... I know because my son started competing at NGSL Summer meets when he was 4yrs old.  He then at the age of 4 started competing in year round meets, as 7yr old he won GRPA State  in two events, continued  each year at GRPA STATE and made USA Swimming State, 9 yrs old he went to Sectionals in NC in 9 events.  He continued moving up every year higher and higher meets NCSA, Sr Sectionals, Futures, US OPEN, D1 Swimmer at UNC on a scholarship, ACC’s, NCAA, and now is headed to Olympic Trials.
Thinking back..... it all started with a simple summer NGSL swim meet in Habersham/Clarkesville, Ga.
 Where he ran around with his friends, swam an event and was on “repeat”.  What if he had not attended that meet..... who knows? ..
There isn’t a right or wrong time.  Talk to Your swimmer about it.  There should  not be pressure put on your swimmers  to “win” the event.... Let them  enjoy the experience first then everything else will fall in place.  
Hope this helps,
Coach Teresa