Some Quick Points of Clarification


Thank you to everyone who has reached out for clarification about signing up for meets. This is a weird season and the meets are  being run differrently, and I should have been MUCH more clear about that in my last email. Some quick points of clarification are below; if you have any remaining questions at all, please feel free to reach out!!


  1. The meets are split this year to limit the number of bodies on deck, particularly around our swimmers who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. Therefore, all swimmers who are 10 years old and younger will compete at Saturday morning meets, and all swimmers who are 11 years old and older will compete on Wednesday nights.
  2. We will have all relays EXCEPT mixed age relays. Some swimmers may be asked up an age group if needed, and we will do everything we can to keep that to a minimym and to keep the teams consistent in order to protect our swimmers. 
  3. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR THE MEETS!! WE WILL NEED ENTRIES NO LATER THAT THURSDAY MORNING FOR SATURDAY MEETS, AND NO LATER THAN SUNDAY NIGHT FOR WEDNESDAY MEETS. This allows us to set relay teams, coordinate with the other team, and get a meet sheet pulled together in time to get it out to you before the meet, so that we can make any needed changes/scratches and you can see what heats and lanes your swimmers will be competing in.
  4. All Saturday meets will start with warmups around 7 am and usually end no later than 11 am. All Wednesday meets will start with warmups around 5 pm and usually end no later than 9 pm. We will send pool addresses and detailed directions closer to the day of the meet.
  5. All of swimmers will compete at Time Trials together, because this event only includes our team and therefore will involve fewer people than a dual meet.
  6. Your swimmer can compete in all of the meets that their age group swims -- the system will not allow you to commit them to a meet where they don't meet the age requirements. and will instead give you an error message saying that they are ineligible,
  7. All of our meets are now posted amd open for sign ups EXCEPT the Saturday 10 July meet against Stoneleigh -- they are hosting us so we are waiting for them to send the meet invitation. As soon as we get it, we will post if and let you know so that you can sign up.
  8. We don't yet know our volunteer requirements and they are likely to vary from meet to meet, dependinig on individual HOA restrictions. We will keep you posted and we will need your help, so please sign up to pitch in when the call comes out!


I think that covers most of the issues for now. Again, you can email me at [email protected] or reach out at 703.728.6712 if you have any additional questions or if anything is unclear!