May 31st Sharkbyte

Happy Memorial Day to all our members. 


I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this difficult past year. With the sun out and hopefully, many beautiful pool days ahead of us, please know your Normandy Park Swim Club Board has been working hard to keep within all the requirements given to us by the State of Washington for our reopening during Phase 3. While we continue to make the opening as “normal” as possible, some changes have had to be made, with the most significant changes needing to be around our capacity limits, especially with guests not being allowed at this time. With this being said, we are introducing two new  “Caregiver Policies” which gives two child care guest options for our members. 


Since safety is our number one priority these policies are being put into place to allow caregivers to help parents with child care needs.


The first is an option to assign a Seasonal Long Term Caregiver for the summer with a one-time fee.  Members may provide club access to a single caregiver (i.e., nanny, babysitter, au pair, grandparent, etc.) by paying a $200 non-refundable and non-transferable fee per registered caregiver each season.  Members will be allowed only one caregiver access per season and access cannot be transferred to a second caregiver if there is a change during the season. An additional $200 non-refundable and non-transferable fee will be charged to the member for a change in caregiver registration.  All children who are being cared for need to be 12 and under.  


Caregivers will not be allowed to enter the facility without the member's children and/or bring adult guests, any children of their own or other children in their care.  The caregiver shall not have NPSC privileges at any other time. Caregivers are not granted membership status.  The caregiver will follow all rules and bylaws or the access will be revoked by the board.  Please note that caregiver access is issued for only one season and is pending until approved by the board.  You will hear from a board member once the access is approved. 


Please fill out the  Caregiver Registration Form and turn it into the office with the payment for board approval.  


The second option will be called an  "Interim Childcare Guest".  This can be a set of grandparents or one other babysitter that can come to the pool when the parents cannot be present.   The interim childcare guest(s) will pay the $5 guest fee during each visit.  The interim childcare guest should not be at the pool when parents are present.   Even though we have a no guest policy in place we do not want to penalize families that have parents who are unavailable to bring their kids and who need supervision at the pool.  All children who are being cared for need to be 12 and under.  This Interim Childcare Policy will only be in effect until we allow guests.   Once guests are allowed caregivers will be treated as regular guests.



Please know the Board will continue working hard to ensure the best pool season we can and will be adjusting our capacity and policies as restrictions are lifted.



Michelle Sipes-Marvin

NPSC Board President