Swim Meet Updates


It is an exciting week for our team!  Congratulations to our graduating high school seniors and their families!   Also, we have 3 swimmers, Haven Hinkle, Walker Lanoue, and Brandon Gear traveling to Tennessee for the Open Water Zone Championship.  Lastly, we have 25 swimmers ready to compete at the Hydro 4 Summer Meet.

Way to go Cyclones!

Here are the warmup, timeline, and heat sheet information for the Hydro4 Summer Meet.  We need some help getting the team tents to the meet.  There is a signup form on the event or you can email [email protected] if you are able to take a tent or two.  Our swimmers and coaches will appreciate the shade!

Warmup Info


Friday Heatsheet

Saturday AM

Saturday PM

Sunday AM

Sunday PM

Go Cyclones!!!

Wende Larrimore
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