Dual meet signups - all about dual meets


Job signups are now posted for the MADEIRA swim & dive meets.   I’ll open up jobs for future meets after the Madeira meet.   (Dive has JOB signups only – read below)

For those new to the team or wanting a refresher, this is a Dual Meet 101 help document.    This is to help you with signups, and what to expect with dual meet entries/planning.

Signups – there two kinds – signing up your kids to attend (or NOT), and signup to volunteer.


Minis – this only applies to home meets – you’ll sign up like the swimmers, but your entries will be for a freestyle only event early in the meet.     Read more about Swim commitment


Dive: there is no pre-signup for Diving.     You ‘sign up’ by showing up on time for warmups – home or away.   Information including the location of the meet and time for warmups will be posted on a separate EVENT for each DIVE meet.


Swim: I’ve created a separate EVENT for each Swim – dual meet.     We ask that you sign up OR DECLINE each of your swimmers/mini for each meet – home and away.      If you don’t commit, we are left guessing and your Swimmer won’t be entered.    I will send out reminder emails to anyone that hasn’t committed.       If you get one of thos emails, it was deliberately sent to you so double check that you correctly committed.         

From within the EVENT, Click on the Attend/Decline (or Edit Commitment).       You’ll see there’s a video tutorial that explains the process.   NOTE:.

  • For each child, click, select YES and if it asks for session, just check it.   You will NOT be choosing events.
  • The coaches will make the entry selections, but you can use the comments to specify any limitations.         The coaches like to see kids in different events, but they also try to make choices appropriate for that swimmer.
  • REMEMBER to hit the SAVE – on mobile devices you need to scroll down to find it.     We often miss it.    If you signed up but get a reminder message, then the Save button might be the problem.
  • Mistakes happen – if you child wasn’t entered we will work to get them in but there’s less chaos if we can avoid last minute changes.




We need all Swim and Dive parents to help with the meet.     


For Dive: there’s less jobs but those jobs are critical – such as judging where we need 3 at home and 2 away.     We can train you.     Dive meets are short, you work the whole meet.


For Swim – most jobs are half a meet with the first half being slightly longer, the second half going later.

  • Mini  only parents do NOT need to volunteer.
  • 8 & Under only parents are asked to signup for first half – please do so early.      We plan to move up the 8&Under Free relays to the IM spot, so then you can leave if you aren’t working.
  • Swim families are asked to signup for one job – each home & away meet.  
  • All jobs have some description and most can be done by anyone.      Older siblings can do the job if they are 14 or older and able to commit to their session.
  • Some jobs require special training – so if you can to commit to one of those, we’re happy to train you and in return, ask that you make that job your preference.           Special training jobs include:
    • Announcer – swim or dive meet experience required as you are getting swimmers to their events.     Send me a message.
    • Officials – Swim Stroke and Turn – Requires training – see NEWS about the training for recorded training info.
    • Deck Ref/Starter –The jobs are critical to the pace of the meet – ie. getting home early.
    • Grill – this important hospitality and fundraising job has been taken on by two dedicated families who will recruit help directly.      If this is something you would like to commit to, let me know.




Dive: top 3 scores in each age group/gender score for points.   We award place ribbons to those 3 and participation ribbons to the younger ages.

Minis: they have one event early in the meet (home only) and will receive a participation ribbon.

Swim: Fastest 3 times in each event score and get a place ribbon.        

  • Each swimmer can swim 2 events max.    All individual places will get a participation ribbon with their time (age 12 &Under).         Most swimmers don’t place – trying a new skill, getting a faster time, swimming a new stroke,…  are all major accomplishments – so it’s not only about scoring.   Most kids don’t score.
  • Keep in mind that how you place in your heat doesn’t mean you ‘won’ a blue ribbon. 
  • We can enter 4 relays (3 for away meets) so not every swimmer will be on a relay.     The coaches make the best decision they can based on swimmer capability & times among the kids signed up by Tuesday.   Top 3 score and are awarded place ribbons.
    • If your child is in a relay, PLEASE do NOT leave until they swim or you risk disappointing 3 other swimmers.     Please check with the coaches if leaving the meet before the final relays.      
  • Swimmers may get DQd.    That’s ok, that’s how we learn and MORE importantly, how the coaches learn what they need to work on.       
  • After swim warmups at HOME meets, the visiting team warms up, and we gather for a team cheer.     IF we have a theme, kids may dress up for it.     Minis are welcome to join but please keep on eye on them.
  • During the swim meet, we ask the 10&U regular swimmers to stay together at the basketball court.    Volunteer ‘age group’ parents working with the coaches will help find and line up the swimmers.     IF your swimmer isn’t there, they won’t be led to their event and likely creating panic for our age group parents!  
    • If you are an 8&under or 9-10 parent and you aren’t already working, please consider helping the age group parent to line up RELAYS – they are grossly outnumbered here.
  • Mini parents will need to help the coaches get their swimmer to their lane.

Once the meet is seeded on Thursday, (all kids that are signed up for their events with heats and lane assignments), a ‘meet program’ aka heat sheet will be published and sent out in email.       We ask that you print your own copy or keep it digitally on your phone.    This is usually out by 2:30 – I try to get it out before Dive parents need to leave.      I will pass on the away meet heat sheet when I get it.

Remember we are HOSTS at our home meets.     Treat our guests as we’d want them to treat us.      Given limited parking, please try to rideshare.     And remember not to park over a neighbors driveway!

League rules prohibit alcohol consumption in the presence of the kids.       Please don’t get us in trouble.

Caps are on order and SHOULD be available for our first meet.    Come to the coaches to get one.     Please try to hold on to yours for the season.

After the meet, times will be uploaded to our system and you can see your swimmer times under MyAccount.

That's a lot of info.        Trust me, it will make sense after you go thru it once.