Last day to order swimsuits and spiritwear

Hi, Sharks families. 

Just a reminder, today is the last day to order swimsuits and spiritwear. Didn't get a chance to try on your suit at the pool? You have three options:
1) Tracy Mason will have the fitting kit available at her home 5515 Ashleigh Road, Fairfax, VA until about 1:30pm, text her to schedule a fitting 703-229-2030 
2) head over to SuitUp on Braddock Road near the Giant across from George Mason University and find a similar red/white/blue suit. (note change from original discussion at the parent meeting in May) or
3) just wear a suit of your choosing (red/white/blue preferred to blend in with the rest of the Sharks :)

SPIRITWEAR -- don't forget to vote for the saying on the back of the shirt. (see link on the apparel page of the website.

Special and big thanks to Adina Renee Adler, Annie Lee and Abbie Achatz for your efforts to get the orders in this week. These volunteers rocked it! 

When the suits are received, look for Annie and Abbie on deck to pick up your suits. And Adina has something fun planned for spiritwear and shirt/cap delivery...more details to come.

Go Sharks!