Aulea Weekly update

Aloha Aulea,

We have had a GREAT time at Olympic trials. Seeing some of the best swimmers in the country race, watching light shows before finals and getting to compete at a world class facility! Younger swimmers (and older swimmers), please set your sights on qualifying for Omaha in 2024!

Here is the weekly schedule:

Intro I/II: M/W (3:45-4:20 and 4:25-5:05); weekend makeups from 3:20-4:00 At Kokokahi 

Bronze: M/W/TH (5:05-6:00), Saturday: 1:00-2:05

Silver: M/W/TH (6-7), Sat (2:05-3:15)

Gold: M/T/W/TH: 5:20-6:40, Sunday 1-2:30 at Kokokahi 

Junior: M/W/TH: 5:10-6:50

Senior/Elite: M/T/TH (5-7 at district park) Wednesday PM: 5:30-7:30 at Barbers Point: Friday AM at barbers point (7:30-9:15 AM); Saturday (7:00-8:30 AM).

Happy Streamlines and Goooo Aulea!

Coach Joe