Western Zone DEI Camp and Summit


WZ Inclusion Summit, Saturday, August 14, 2021
Featuring USA Swimming's Russell Mark and Facilitated by TruClusion
  • Dual sessions on stroke technique from USA Swimming's High Performance Consultant, Russell Mark
  • Facilitated conversations from the perspective of various social identity groups by TruClusion
  • Join the conversation on barriers in the sport of swimming and how teams, LSC's and the Western Zone can help bring those barriers down
  • Open to anyone interested in making a difference in swimming
  • Registration is $35 per non-athlete and $15 per athlete
  • Registration closes July 31
If you are not registering through your LSC, please follow this link to sign up.
If you are from an LSC in the Western Zone, please apply through your LSC for the opportunity to have your registration paid for by the LSC.