Teaching Tuesday: The Power of Positivity

No matter how long you've been swimming or have been a swim parent, there comes a time when there is adversity within the sport. As we've all embraced challenges over the past year due to COVID-19, the swimming community has become closer and has relied on the positivity of others in many ways. From swimming in outdoor pools on a cord to decreased lane space at practices and meets, we've seen it and have embraced it all.

We as an LSC have been fortunate enough to have an incredible amount of support from our parents, coaches, officials, and board members to navigate these trying times. The power of positivity cannot be overlooked when it comes to facing challenges head-on.

Whether you are a parent that is trying to be a positive influence and a motivating presence in their child's life or you are a swimmer trying to make an impact in your training group, here are a few tips for maintaining a positive attitude:

  • Stick with other positive people that bring out the best in you
  • Practice self-awareness
  • Be mentally tough through times when you want to give in to negativity
  • Be persistent with your goals of staying positive throughout each day


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