Rosemont Violations-IMPORTANT

Marlin Familes,

I was approached on  Saturday by Rosemont regarding a few issues

they needed to address.  Please read this and help us be in compliance.

1. NO dogs allowed at practice or meets.  

2. Please do not allow kids in areas of the school that are not safe 

      or allow trash to be left behind

And as a refresher to mask use and social distancing, please remember

that mask use and social distancing is a requirement of our rental 

agreement.  While you are on Rosemont property, you are expected

to follow the guideline from the email on 5/21/21.  This email is on the

news feed of the team website if you need to find it to review. Please 

keep in mind that your actions jeopardize our ability to rent this   

facility so please comply.  Please note that as we approach June

15 when there is the expectation that California will change many 

guidelines, the rules as outlined in the lease agreement will most

likely NOT CHANGE.  Please plan to continue mask use and try

to socially distance as much as possible.

Carol Kraus

Parent Board president